Patricia Brett Creates Chic Swimwear for Breast Cancer Survivors

When Patrica Brett started her mission to design swimwear for breast cancer survivors, there were people who didn't understand the need.
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BC: In the bio on your site, you state that your first swimsuit was made from a store-bought pattern that you modified. You then had your sister Regina (also a breast cancer survivor) try it on. Do you still own the suit, or did you give it to Regina?

PB: I still have it. I actually have both the pattern and the swimsuit. I just had the suit out the other day. It still has pins in it from the original fitting. I think I might put it in a frame or on a beautiful mannequin in the office. It reminds me of how far I’ve come, and what a magical moment it was to see my sister’s eyes light up when she tried on my first swimsuit.

BC: How would you describe your line of swimwear?

PB: I like to think of my swimwear as sophisticated minimalism with great fit, luxurious fabrics, and beautiful detailing.

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BC: Do you feel that your degree in architecture from Yale has helped or hurt you as a designer?

PB: The education I received was truly amazing and has definitely helped me as a designer. My experience managing architectural projects gave me the skills to do the long-term planning necessary to make Veronica Brett a success.

BC: What  advice would you give  breast cancer survivors when they’re shopping? What advice would you give retailers?

PB: For shoppers: Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t make you feel fabulous, and shop Veronica Brett!

For retailers: Everyone is different. We don’t know what anyone has experienced or might be going through on a particular day. Treat everyone with compassion and respect and you can’t go wrong.

BC: Do you have any plans to expand and create an entire line of clothing or create accessories?

PB: Yes and yes! I have lots of ideas for the next product line; all secret though so stay tuned!

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