Pic of the Day: Octomom Gives Birth to Fake Babies

Nadya Suleman sinks even lower on MTV.

Pic of the Day: Octomom Gives Birth to Fake Babies

Nadya Suleman sinks even lower on MTV.

-Jane Farrell


We thought we had heard (and seen) it all with Octomom Nadya Suleman. The Halloween devil costume. The rumor of a dating show with Jon Gosselin. Just, you know, Suleman’s general ookiness.

But these pictures go way beyond anything you’ve been afraid to imagine. Even our hardened editor whimpered, “My eyes! My eyes!”

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In an appearance on MTV’s Silent Library, Suleman dumbfounded a group of guys by shooting fake babies at them while in the giving-birth position, and even scoring a direct hit on one guy’s face. Luckily he was wearing a see-through welder’s mask and so avoided direct contact with the projectile. Yes, we know it all sounds really weird.


Suleman didn’t exactly seem embarrassed by it all. She happily imitated having labor contractions , and the naked dolls shot out from under her gown with great vigor. Where exactly they were launched from, we don’t even want to know.


These heartwarming moments can be seen here on TMZ.

Seriously, we think Suleman has reached her limit. We hope MTV paid her really well, because those unlucky kids of hers deserve some decent care. (TMZ)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor for BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Pic of the Day: Octomom Gives Birth to Fake Babies

  1. oh good grief – MTV must be desperate for ratings – and she is just…..well, insane – not sure I want to meet the people who actually watch this and find it entertaining –

  2. why don’t they stop talking about her? She had attention when giving birth, let’s move on to someone else or another subject. Tired of hearing about her

  3. i really think the poor lady is very ill and shame on the people around her. mental illness is real iam going to pray for her and especally the kids oy the poor kids!!!!

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