Pics! Meet Former 'Blossom' Star Jenna von Oy's Baby Girl, Gray Audrey!

'Blossom's' Six LeMuere, Jenna von Oy, introduces her baby girl to the world in pictures!

Pics! Meet Former ‘Blossom’ Star Jenna von Oy’s Baby Girl, Gray Audrey!

‘Blossom’s’ Six LeMuere, Jenna von Oy, introduces her baby girl to the world in pictures!

-Lucia Peters


Jenna von Oy

If you were a Blossom fan back in the early ‘90s, Jenna von Oy will most likely always be Six LeMeure for you. But guess what? As is wont to happen, Jenna grew up… and got married… and just had her first baby! Now 35, the former Blossom star wed computer data analyst Brad Bratcher in 2010, and their baby girl, Gray Audrey, was born on May 21 of this year. And since Gray is now just about four weeks old, it’s time to meet her!

Gray Audrey

Gray Audrey at just four days old.

Jenna blogs regularly on People, and in her most recent entry (it’s a doozy), she shares a handful of pictures of Baby Gray. She was 18 inches long when she was born and weighed in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces—and had a full head of hair to boot!

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Jenn von Oy Gray Audrey

Jenna and Gray.

“She is gorgeous, if I do say so myself, but I might be just a bit biased,” Jenna writes. “All I know is, she is the most stunning magical, perfect thing I’ve ever seen. I am mesmerized by her, and I am madly in love in a way I never knew was possible.”

Where did the name “Gray” come from? Jenna makes sure to point out that it wasn’t because they thought “naming her a color was trendy” (sorry, Beyonce). Rather, Jenna and her husband “find the name Gray neither masculine nor feminine (it is a color, after all, so we thought it tough to place a gender on…)” and think of it as “classy and slightly old-fashioned.” Jenna comments that one People reader stated, “It sounds literary,” which the actress thinks is hitting the nail right on the head.

Jenna von Oy Brad Gray Audrey

Mom and Dad sure look taken with their little cutie. Can’t say we blame them!

Congratulations to the happy new family!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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