Picture of the Day: Christina Aguilera

What the....?

Picture of the Day: Christina Aguilera

What the….?

-Carolyn French

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera hit up the Late Night set on Wednesday evening rocking those hideous glittery tights.

Words. Cannot. Express.

Was she in close proximity to a drag queen or a disco ball that suddenly went KABOOM, or something? And doesn’t she own a mirror?

At least her awkward ensemble was a step up from that horrifying blinking crotch thing she sported at the MTV Movie Awards! Good grief.

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Carolyn French is an assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Christina Aguilera

  1. ChattyCathy says:

    LOL drag queen, could totally see that

  2. Ann13 says:

    What the … haha

  3. smaslt says:

    Have to say… LOVE the bag! But that’s about it. = )

  4. ChattyCathy says:

    yeah the bag is nice!

  5. shamrockblonde says:

    LOL! – the bag was only thing I liked too!!!

  6. mothermeryl says:

    aren’t these just basically pantyhose??

  7. violetgal says:

    yeah, slutty

  8. weetziebat says:

    I think I saw those in Hot Topic for$3.99 on clearance lol

  9. MsBetty says:

    When I saw Christina’s last video it reminded me a lot of Lady Gaga’s antics… I don’t know but it sure seems very similar to Gaga’s style

  10. rubyshoesday says:

    Oh, dear, dear Christina put away those self doubts. You are a Diva.
    Let the Lady Ga-ga’s run and play, you’ve got real talent. Now throw away those tights and go lay down some bluesy tracks for your adoring audience.

  11. mannequin says:

    I think far too many celebrities have been liberated by Lady GaGa. This just looks like some sort of costume that I think she will regret having worn. We’ve all done it.

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