Pinpointing my Fertility

Seeking out alternative methods to deal with infertility.
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Pinpointing My Fertility

Looking for an alternative approach to infertility

-Cathy Alter

A sad woman looking out a windowI have been preparing my body all morning, scrubbing my feet with vanilla-scented salts, slathering my legs in an equally edible lotion, and grooming my bikini line with more care and precision than I ever have for the benefit of my husband.

No, I am not having an affair, although the man I am seeing will play classical music for me, gently ask me to remove my pants, and then poke me repeatedly. Fifteen times to be exact, although he tells me not to count. And even though I am hoping he’ll make me pregnant, there is nothing illicit going on between the tissue-paper sheets.

I have been trying hard for the past year. After one miscarriage (that I know of), the resulting D and C, and, more recently, the determination that my FSH levels are off the charts, I’m hoping Dr. T’s acupuncture acumen will turn back the biological clock at least 10 of my 42 years. His needles (one in each earlobe) cured me of the excruciating dry sockets I developed after having my wisdom teeth out. And after a few sessions on my hip, he corrected what two years of chiropractic work had not. So why not this?

I am one of the growing number of women who are seeking out alternative methods to deal with their infertility. Studies show (the most recent one comes from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) that acupuncture boosts the success rates of IVF, especially when done right before and after embryo transfer. But before I stick myself with hormones, which, as I’ve witnessed in friends, causes mood swings and untold financial and emotional stress (IVF can cost up to $20,000 a cycle and usually isn’t covered by insurance; my acupuncture is $65 a pop and comes with the added benefit of reducing stress and increasing circulation), I figure I’ll just stick myself. And, call me crazy, misinformed or just plain foolish, but I think this may work.

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  1. I had a friend who did this while having IVF — they had 4 eggs fertilized. She had never had acupuncture before in her life, but read about it online. They told her that usually only 50% of the eggs implant, so she had all four put in and figured at the most, she would get twins. All four took — they were born prematurely and unfortunately, she lost two of them. She swears to this day, that it was the acupuncture that helped the eggs take, etc. She tells everyone if they are having problems with fertility to try acupuncture.

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