Playboy's Miss December Ashley Hobbs: Let's Get Naked!

Playboy's December playmate wants women everywhere to take it all off.
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Playboy’s Miss December Ashley Hobbs: Let’s Get Naked!

Playboy’s December playmate wants women everywhere to take it all off.

-Libby Keatinge

Ashley Hobbs

Ashley Hobbs wants to tell women everywhere: take your clothes off! Ashley’s road to Playmate reads something like a fairy tale. After being encouraged by friends to send in photos to Playboy, eventually she did and soon she was being flown out to California for her test shoot. With this Hawaiian cutie’s girl next door natural good looks, of course she was a shoe in for the mag, but finding out that she was Miss December was like a dream come true. “Hef liked what he saw!” she laughs. When told she would be Miss December, Ashley says, “I literally cried!”

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Not only was Hef excited for this new blondie, so were all her friends, family, and even her fiancé, with whom she says she “definitely” discussed the possibility of taking it all off for the magazine, even before sending in photos. Ashley tells, “Everyone told me what an opportunity it was and that I should grab the bull by the horns.”

Ashley Hobbs

Wow, sounds like this girl has some good peeps around her! Taking it all off for the biggest men’s magazine in the world, and no haters? Well, not none, but Ashley says to those few people who had a negative words about what she is doing, “That’s their opinion. Playboy is art. I don’t really let it bother me. It doesn’t really get into my mindset. Playboy has been good for me.”

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0 thoughts on “Playboy's Miss December Ashley Hobbs: Let's Get Naked!

  1. playboy an art? NOT, just a tool for SICK guys and makes Hefner rich for exposing women, bringing us back to the days where that’s all wonen could do. immoral crap

  2. What a bimbo. If Playboy was truly art why do they only feature barely legal females who are usually underweight? If it was truly “art” you’d see older women more often who are real, not photoshopped. I know they occasionally, like once in a blue moon, have women who are older (ex. Joan Collins) but certainly not in all their natural “glory”. G-d forbid a man sees a stretch mark or sagging breasts. Just the thought of that dirty old man Hefner looking at her in the all together makes me want to loose my cookies. EEWWW! Disgusting, just disgusting.

  3. I really have trouble thinking how classy it is to remove my clothing for whoever wants to pay to see the private parts I keep telling the kids noone should be seeing.

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