Postcards from Mommywood: There Ought To Be a Law

It should be illegal for idiots to have a child.
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Postcards from Mommywood: There Ought To Be a Law

It should be illegal for idiots to have a child.

-Diane Clehane

Abby Sunderland

Why is it that you need a license to drive a car or own a dog, but any idiot can be a parent?

This is something that I’ve often thought about over the past four years as I’ve come to understand that nothing you’ve done previously prepares you for the life-changing experience of raising a child. Thankfully, a lot of love, a healthy dose of common sense, and the willingness to put your own needs second to your child’s pretty much will get you through most situations.

That’s why I am so sickened by the endless parade of pathetic ‘parents’ who are using their kids to gain C-list fame by scoring their own reality show. The list of these losers gets longer and more sickening every day. The latest entrants into the fray are the parents of Abby Sunderland, the 16-year-old who, with mommy and daddy’s blessing, set out alone to sail around the world. If her ill-fated voyage (which reportedly had been in the works since she was 13 years old) hadn’t been interrupted when the teenager became stranded in the Indian Ocean, her ‘adventure’ would have no doubt been at the center of a headline-grabbing show.

The New York Post reported that daddy dearest signed a contract with the producers a few weeks after Abby set sail in January and filming began four months ago at the Sunderlands’ California home.

Her moronic parents, who at first denied plans to do a reality show, defended their decision by saying it would have focused on their kids (“inspiring kids doing inspirational things”), but the deal was now off. Sunderland’s father told reporters that producers “were assuming Abigail was going to die out there. They were relying on her dying and so we cut ties.” Nice.

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0 thoughts on “Postcards from Mommywood: There Ought To Be a Law

  1. Thank you for writing this. I’ve been flying my ‘license to breed’ flag for years, much to my horrified friends’ and family’s consternation. When children become a parent’s ‘claim to fame’, they have lost everything a child should have — stability, love and a nurturing, normal childhood. Didn’t we learn ANYTHING from the Jon Benet tragedy???

  2. “If a woman drives to the mall with a minivan full of kids and no one is there to take their picture, has it really happened? ”

    LOL! So true, so true.

  3. I’m sorry, but your comments reek of an elitist mentality that is typical of the intellectual left. As irritating as I might find the behavior of the loons you castigate, restricting the right to procreate to those you deem “acceptable” is one step down the road to Fascism.
    People who abuse or mistreat their children should be dealt with swiftly and surely, but I will defend the right of people to be “stupid” as adamantly as your right to free speech.

  4. Dear Agngleshooter,
    The headline is a figure of speech not meant to be taken literally. I do, however, believe it’s a ‘crime’ that the people I mention in the article continually exploit their kids for their own twisted reasons with little regard to the effects their decisions have on their children. And, for the record, I don’t consider myself part of the ‘intellectual left.’ Im more of an ‘independent’ kind of gal. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I could not agree more with this article – putting your children before anything, including yourself is not something I see in the people highlighted in this article – and please – nowhere does the author endorse limiting procreation – what I would like to see, however, is the general viewing audience growing a spine and not watching these disgusting displays of selfishness and greed – no audience – no show – no show and somewhere a young life is spared at the least an embarrassing upbringing – at worst – death –

  6. I have come to believe children are like lycra and spandex – not a right but a privilege. And a license to spawn is not such a bad idea with what i see on the subway everyday. And to put your mind at rest, I am also not part of the ‘intellectual left,’ I am more to the conservative right. Children and their behavior and or their parent’s behavior really has no political leaning. Just a limit to how much stupid a person can take.

  7. You forgot to mention the Kardashians with 2 minor daughters and a minor grandson thrown into the mix. It’s a reality show about life in LA for a family of “infamous” girls and the ads for the show feature the girls in their underwear. I’ve been to LA and while girls will dress in a more revealing manner there than elsewhere, they don’t run around in their underwear! And the mom who pushes them just moved from a beautiful normal sized house to a Bev Hills mansion. It’s too close to pimping out your daughters which makes the whole thing creepy. Ditto to Tori and Dean and Kendra’s show as well – all using their kids to keep the fame thing going. And “Pretty Wild” is a combo of the exploiting your kids thing with getting a reality tv show as a financial reward for criminal wrongdoing. NBC, I’m looking at you as well for giving a 2 shows to the Blago’s – a man and his wife accused of fleecing the state of Illinois taxpayers with over 1 million docs of evidence to back up the accusations. Just saying – reality tv outside of shows like American Idol and Project Runway where the contestants have to exhibit talent and a reason for being on tv are just creepy.

  8. I’m in the caribbean and sometimes when visitors, usually ones from the U.S., they always want to take photos of my kids! Past Sunday i went to church, some old folks from the states wanted to take photos of my kids, i stopped them immediately being the suspicious person that i am! I’ve seen too many problems arise from the single click of the camera, people can use technology to do anything, so i don’t understand why people would put the children they say they love through so much shit just for fame!

  9. One more thing, i can’t believe Teresa is 11milion in debt and she’s flaunting as if she just doesn’t care, i have money and everyday i worry if it will run out!

  10. I’m surrounded by freaking IDIOTS where I live ,but it seems to be an epidemic worldwide !!!NO COMMON SENSE !!! People are suppose to get smarter every generation, but you can NOT prove that from what I’ve seen in 55 years

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