McCain and Obama Debate: Round 2

The Bettys react to the second presidnetial debate

Election 2008

Presidential Debate Round Two

The Bettys weigh in

-The Bettys

We’re getting down to the wire in this election cycle, and the Bettys were glued to the tube during last night’s presidential debate. OK, some of us were glued, others popped in and out; and yes, even others are just too disillusioned with the whole economic mess and political mudslinging that we just couldn’t bring ourselves to watch it. Here’s what some of us, who did watch, thought:


To Tom Brokaw: This message to you … you are annoying the crap out of us. We’ve been there Tom. I’ve been a moderator more times than I’d like to remember, and I sparred with Dr. Julianne Malveaux for years in debate after debate, and as a moderator, it AIN’T about you. We want to hear John McCain and Barak Obama go at it. So, we respect your attempt to maintain the rules on time, but give it a rest. Our founding fathers did not need moderators for GREAT men to debate … please tone down the need to flex your muscle.

To John McCain: You did well tonight, maintaining your composure, but you’ve got to quit with the “on-the-job-training” line. For those of us who have worked in the White House, we all know that it is your immediate inner circle and the smarts of your Ivy League staff that control a president’s every move.

To Barak Obama: Your point about your dying mother spending her last days in the hospital fighting with insurance companies (suggesting her cancer being a pre-existing condition) is applauded. If elected president, I hope that you’ll follow-thru on your campaign promise to fundamentally change those insurance companies (and nail them…nail them good!).


22 minutes in and I’m off to bed – I can’t even handle the stupidity of this one. I dearly love Barack, but they are both spewing a bunch of crap that I already know isn’t true – and I’m not in the mood to listen!

Their makeup jobs are almost as good as Sarah Palin’s though!


I’m trying really hard to concentrate so I can make a good, informed vote, but this particular debate is just mind numbing…. Are they saying ANYTHING we haven’t heard before?

Maybe it’s that hideous red carpet that’s evoking my anger, but this all just seems like a bunch of blather that’s not going to really improve anything. I want results, and neither is inspiring any confidence that they’re going to be able to deliver them.

Who won this debate? I have no clue really. Obama is pretty impressive and polished. McCain stumbled around a bit and used “my friends” too much, but I tend to trust him more just based on a gut reaction. Nothing either of them said tonight swayed my dangling vote. Can we do a write in vote for Betty?


John McCain: Awarded “most improved” vs. the last debate. Making headway but really needs to turn on the jets over the next few weeks if he wants a chance. Not as stiff as the last time but still showing some grumpy old man tendencies.

Barak Obama: Awarded “best lecture.”
His professor past is painfully obvious. I’m concerned that little will get accomplished in his White House with he and loquacious Joe Biden in the oval office.

Tom Brokaw: Awarded “worst dressed.”
What was with the weird pocket square that clashed with his tie?


Just once I would like to vote for a candidate I really believed in, instead of voting for the less repellant of the two. I’m tuning out of the debate because my mind is made up. I’m voting for Obama. Half-heartedly, but there you go.


Oh shoot, was there a debate tonight other than me listening to my children fight?


I literally passed out half way through. I think it was the combination of Advil cold & sinus I’m on mixed with the same three campaign lines I’ve been hearing for two months.

Also, maybe it’s too much cold medicine… but I kept thinking tom b. Is one handsome devil.

Back to sweet dreams of South Dakotan broadcasters.

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