Primp Your Peach With Beauty Products You Can Use EVERYWHERE (We Mean It!)

Got a skincare problem? Primp Your Peach has a solution, no matter what it is-or WHERE it is!
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Lynette Gonzales

We sat down with Lynette Gonzales, the skincare guru behind Primp Your Peach, to chat about the history of the company, her best skincare tips, her favorite ingredients to work with, and more!

BettyConfidential: How did you become a maker of skincare products? Can you tell us a little about the history of Primp Your Peach?

Lynette Gonzales: I’ve been fascinated with the beauty business for as long as I can remember, tagging along to my mom’s and grandma’s facial appointments every month from the age of five onwards. In high school, I was an honor student, but I knew that instead of a four-year college, esthetician school was where I needed to be (my teachers definitely weren’t happy about that!). I’ve been an esthetician for nine years now, and my clients tell me all the time, “Your treatment room is like Vegas: Whatever is said in here, stays in here.” I have a bubbly, quirky personality, so my clients really open up to me, telling me the issues that are bothering them and what they need me to fix. For a long time, the only problem was that I didn’t have a product I truly believed in to recommend to them… And thus, Primp Your Peach was born! I knew that if my clients needed a solution for their hush hush issues, other women likely did too.

BC: Where did the name “Primp Your Peach” come from?

LG: “Primp Your Peach” was actually a slogan for a fall Brazilian wax special I had at one time. I loved it so much that it was my only choice when choosing a name for the line. It represents everything my line stands for, making light of women’s hush hush issues so they’re easy topics to talk about.

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BC: What’s your background like? Had you ever dabbled in making body products or in other types of design before creating Primp Your Peach?

LG: After esthetician school, I took extra specialty classes on Brazilian waxing, ingredients, layers of the skin, and Chinese face reading. It’s important to me to be well-rounded and to educate women on why their skin,is reacting that way—no matter where on the body the skin we’re talking about is. I’m a big fan of layering different products to get the end result that I want.

BC: Who’s your skincare role model? Living, dead, famous, not—anything goes!

LG: I have three. The first two would be my mom and my grandma—they taught me from an early age to take care of your skin because it tells the story of your life! On a more professional note, I look up to Dermalogica founder Jane Wurand. I’ve met her a few times while attending one of her classes, and she was so down-to-earth and eager to teach both professionals and clients. I think she’s amazing—very inspirational!

BC: Do you have a favorite Primp Your Peach product? What is it and why?

LG: Right now my favorite product is I’m So Vein. I have a dark vein under my eye and a few spiders crawling on my thigh, and this product has truly done wonders for both issues.

Up next: Lynette dishes about her process, her best beauty secrets, and more!

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