Primp Your Peach With Beauty Products You Can Use EVERYWHERE (We Mean It!)

Got a skincare problem? Primp Your Peach has a solution, no matter what it is-or WHERE it is!
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BC: Can you tell us a little about your process? What goes into the creation of each product, from the initial idea all the way to the finished version?

LG: Our products are effective for your face and other heartier areas, yet gentle enough for your more delicate areas, too! As such, I work really closely with Research & Development at the lab to make that happen. I’m a mom, a wife, and I have a career, so I know first-hand that if my products can be simple and easy to use anywhere on your body, women will be able to slip these products into their regular beauty routines and get real results.

BC: Have you ever had any disasters happen while working on a new product? Have you ever created something and ended up not liking it?

LG: No disasters, per se, but I’ve had a few products turn out not quite ready; they needed a little tweaking before they launched.

BC: What about happy accidents? Have you ever had something seemingly go horribly wrong, only to have it turn out to lead to something amazing?

LG: Yes! Actually, while testing and sampling some of the earlier rounds of the Send the Bumps Packing Pads, the solution consistency was way too thick. Then I realized that it would make a fab gel, and we got to work on what ended up being the Send the Bumps Packing Gel.

BC: Do you have a favorite material or ingredient you like to work with?

LG: I’m really liking salicylic acid these days. It’s able to seep down in the pores to kill the bacteria that’s causing break outs or infecting ingrown hairs.

BC: What’s your personal skincare routine like? Have any tips to share?

LG: In the morning, I cleanse, apply I’m So Vein where needed, follow with a vitamin C serum, and then apply my moisturizer with SPF. While the moisturizer is still wet, I brush on my mineral powder. By this time in my hectic morning, my kids usually run in saying they need their moisturizer – yes we’re starting early! After getting the kids settled, I finish with a spritz of Calm It Down to set everything.

In the evening, I swipe my hush hush areas with Send the Bumps Packing Pads. Then I cleanse my face twice, and if it’ s about a week before the proverbial Aunt Flow comes to town, I apply Send the Bumps Packing Gel to my chin area to prevent break outs. Then I apply more I’m So Vein and finish with Retinol night cream.

BC: What’s your best beauty secret that you wish more people knew about?

LG: Think of your skin as a leaf: When it’s not hydrated, it will get dry and crumble. Well, so does your skin! Spritzing it with Calm It Down tonic will give your skin that extra sip of water it needs.

BC: If you could only use one skincare product for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

LG: It would be the Calm it Down tonic so my skin would always be at the correct PH and stay hydrated. No cracked, wrinkly skin here!

BC: And lastly, where do you find your inspiration?

LG: My clients are definitely my inspiration. With so much of my business being waxing, I’ve heard and seen many hush hush issues, and I’m excited that Primp Your Peach gives a solution to them!

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Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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