Put a Little Southern Charm Into Your Bubble Bath + More With HollyBeth Organics

HollyBeth Anderson makes each of her fabulous HollyBeth Organics skincare products by hand in Atlanta, Georgia. Talk about Southern charm! Meet the creator here!
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HollyBeth Anderson

Meet HollyBeth!

We recently sat down to chat with HollyBeth about everything from her skincare role models to her favorite ingredients with which to work. Read on for all the deets!

BettyConfidential: How did you become a maker of organic skincare? Had you ever dabbled in making body products or in other types of design before creating HollyBeth Organics?

HollyBeth Anderson: HollyBeth Organics actually began as a hobby as I was traveling the globe. After 50 countries, 50 years and an epiphany, I decided to put her passion to the test and create HollyBeth Organics, a USDA certified organic skin care line. The story began while living in Spain, when a friend’s mother told me to always use eye cream. After collecting too many eye creams from my travels, I decided to create my own, even though I had never made any body products before. The result is a complete line of effective skincare products. I hand select ingredients and formulate my unique recipes using traditional homeopathic remedies from around the world. My focus is on results-oriented plants, botanicals and essential oils that are free of chemicals and synthetics that are safe for the entire family. All products are lovingly created by me in artisan batches in a converted former cotton warehouse in Atlanta.

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BC: Who’s your skincare role model? Living, dead, famous, not—anything goes!

HBA: My mother and grandmother. When I was young, my mother would use cornmeal on her face as an exfoliator. After she went through radiation for breast cancer, I decided to make a product with her in mind, and she suggested adding grits to one of my scrubs. Then I added some honey as well, and voila! Grits and Honey Scrub, which I truly never thought would be as popular as it is.

BC: Do you have a favorite HollyBeth Organics product? What is it and why?

HBA: Right now, it’s the Orange Peppermint Shea Butter Cream because it smells divine, melts in your hands, and makes your feet feel like velvet

BC: What’s your personal skincare routine like? Have any tips to share

HBA: I made the foaming cleansers because to be quite honest, I have not been great at taking care of my skin prior to making my products. I was horrible! Now, though, I love my Chamomile Foaming Cleanser with evening primrose—it doesn’t strip your skin of oils, but it cleanses and soothes wonderfully. Once or twice a week, I’ll use the Grits and Honey Scrub, and then I always use my eye cream and my Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer at night. In the morning, I use my Neck and Face Elixir.

Up next: HollyBeth’s process, which celeb she’d love to have use her products, and more!

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  1. I have been using HollyBeths Rose Geranium facial products in the Rose Geranium scent and they are refreshing, balancing and make me feel like I’ve been to a spa. The face moisturizer is thick and protects against the elements, now that it’s cold, without harmful ingredients.

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