Put a Sock In It, David Arquette! Stop Blabbing About Courteney Cox

David Arquette went on Howard Stern's radio show again to talk about his separation from Courteney Cox.

Put a Sock In It, David Arquette! Stop Blabbing About Courteney Cox

Arquette went on Howard Stern’s radio show again to talk about his separation from Courteney Cox.

-Faye Brennan

Courteney Cox and David Arquette

It’s clear that David Arquette hasn’t learned his lesson. After infuriating Courteney Cox by going on Howard Stern’s radio show and informing the world of their separation, he quickly issued an apology via Twitter about his behavior. But then, this week, he decided he wasn’t done yet, and went on Howard’s show again on Wednesday to blab some more.

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No wonder Courteney said she was “tired” of taking care of him! Only a fool would make the same mistake twice.

Here are some of the gems Arquette revealed his second time around, according to Us Weekly:

-After his first radio interview, Courteney “got really pissed,” he says. They later “talked it all out and then we took a walk, and it was great.”

-He admitted to recently having sex with an Australian blonde he met at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. But, he says of sleeping with other women, “After the first girl I slept with … a few days later … I was, like, crying… It was the end of all the intimacy I shared with my wife. It was like a new thing. It was like … putting that away.”

-He also admitted that he’s been hitting the bottle since the split, and had been drinking before the interview.

-When asked if he cheated on Courteney, David was adamant that he hadn’t, saying, “I was faithful to my wife for 11 years,” and that as part of their separation, they were both allowed to see other people. “I didn’t want to get labeled as a cheater. I’m just trying to be honest about what I’m doing.”

-Although he knows their separation is necessary at this point in their marriage since they are both in “very different places,” David made it clear that he is “still f$#%ing in love with my wife.”

That’s great to hear and all, David, but if you’re so in love with her, why don’t you respect her wishes and quit yapping to the media about your relationship! You’ll never get back with her if you keep running your mouth, and these are things you should be discussing with Courteney, not a sexed-obsessed radio DJ! (Us Weekly)

Tell us: Why do you think David feels the need to air his dirty laundry like this? Do you think he should just stop talking already?

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Put a Sock In It, David Arquette! Stop Blabbing About Courteney Cox

  1. Aww, am I the only one who thinks he’s kind of sweet? It’s not like he’s calling Courtney sexual napalm or admitting to cheating on her! After all of these other scandals break he admits he was faithful for eleven years and is still in love with her. He shouldn’t be grouped in the do*che category with these other guys! I think that what he said about the blonde girl – although, yes, a little TMI – was very honest, and it gives me hope! It Should be emotionally difficult to be with someone when you’re supposedly in love with someone else! I find his honesty reassuring, especially after the honesty of so many other star’s lives hits the fan in ugly ways. His is actually sweet – it’s good to know that the honest lives of stars can be sweet!

  2. Beating up on David is like picking on the slow kid in your school class. he has always come off as a little bit of a ‘tard. and yes I know that it is politically incorrect to use the term. I have both a niece and a nephew who a emotionally disbled and like david, they just don’t “get it”. Just because he is a celebrity and married to a hollywood actress doesn’t mean he might not be one of the special kids that needs a helmet.

  3. Again, aww! I don’t know why a man expressing his feelings and being honest about his life situation makes him emotionally disabled! I might have to get a little controversial here and say – what are we doing to men?? Do we want men (people) – or do we want trained, stoic puppies? I really don’t see anything so wrong with what he did. It’s not like he was talking about what Courtney did after the seperation – he was talking about HIS experience and the other people in HIS life since. If they are separated why should she feel as if she has any control over that? Maybe if she doesn’t want to be a mom she should stop acting like one. If he wants to talk about how HE’S been handling their separation I really don’t see how that’s any of her business. It might make him look overexposed, but that’s his problem, not hers. Women act as if men should never act out on their feelings (now if we want to go so far as to vandalize their belongings in a believed to be validated rage though, no big!), but then they want men who are full of them. Men can’t cheat if they’re feeling neglected, they can’t reach out if they’re feeling lonely, they can’t talk about their personal experiences. Nope, they should just sit there and worship us and do whatever we say. In 2010, where we are trying to tear down certain aspects of our gender roles, this seems especially wrong.

  4. I’d like to add too – as if I haven’t added enough :) – that men realize it’s looked down upon to act like David (be honest, vulnerable, open) and so many shut down and ignore their emotions and become the stoic guys because of it. Only, surprise, stoic guys who have turned off their emotions are more likely to be narcissistic then worship us since they don’t care as much anymore, and then, wow, we’ve created the monsters like Tiger Woods. They really just can’t win can they?

  5. If David didn’t always cross the TMI line, I wouldn’t care at all that he can’t stay away from Howard Stern. Sadly, he admits to drinking too much and in effect, drunk dialing. We’ve all done it, and we all know that you say all the wrong things when you drunk dial. I hope that he puts the bottle away soon and I hope they make their family work however it works for them.

  6. All of us do dumb things and when it is a matter of the heart no matter what our age or gender we get dumber both in good & bad ways. When we are hurting we try to figure it out and how it all went wrong and we say to much at times.
    Any break up in any relationship has family, friends,even co workers/employees involved on both sides. More involvement when there are children involved since obviously everyone worries about how the kids will be.
    Very rarely though do these break ups make headlines (unless in arrests reports)for those in the public spot light sadly every part of your private life is in the spot life too.
    Most breakups no matter how mutually agreed upon have one person that tends to be blamed (not silently either) for not making “it” work David seems to be that partner.
    I’m sure David is feeling this and wants to let people know how much he did try to make it work and how much he still does love his family.
    Honestly there is always some anger on both sides on too.
    David doesn’t realize until too late that no matter how you may mean to say something it’s all going to come out bad.
    Also he needs to realize drinking is not a good idea before an interview of any kind. I have always disliked Howard Stern but some how I cannot believe, especially after Howies own divorce, he’d let David go on air when obviously he’d been drinking. No one could tell (smell) he’d been drinking? Very sad because it’s about the ratings right? Drinking loosens people up so get those ratings. I have to say that anyone who conducts an interview in those conditions & airs it live/recorded or prints it is low life scum & really shows how much of a of a low life they and the people (Howard’s people) they work with are.
    David I wish would have remembered before or at least after the first interview that rarely does anyone go on Howard Stern and makes out alive.
    As much as David may be attempting to correct his original mistake with the media he’s dealing with so much sadness and anger that right now everything no matter what it it is so much more difficult than normal because now he and Courtney are trying to figure out a new “normal” and I cannot imagine how difficult that is and I envy neither because aching hearts take so long to heal.
    Why no doubt they agreed not to give interviews until time had passed.
    I am not going to vilify either of them they are both good people and parents.
    I have always appreciated Courtney & David’s honesty that as with many others in the celeb circles that they go to marriage/family therapy and keep working on their marriages. Therapy is hard to admit for anyone regardless of what type.
    In the mean time hopefully David will back away from interviews before a gag issue is brought to court.
    I do hope the best for both Courtney & David as well as their daughter Coco.

  7. David is borderline stupid.He always has been.But now Courtney is really secure financially and she does not need the his name anymore or his money as earlier in er careeer!!.

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