Put Sexy Time and Romance Back In Your Relationship

If sex and romance have gone out the window in your relationship, follow these five tips to get them back.
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3. Play… in more ways than one.
If you’re having trouble getting in the mood, try channeling those feelings you had in the honeymoon stage of your relationship by simply having fun with your guy! “Pick an activity you mutually enjoy or something new you both want to experience,” says Morgan. “Cook together, explore with body paint, schedule a staycation, or take a class. While taking in the experience, focus less on the activity itself and more on each other–look into each others’ eyes, mention the things you love about one another, compliment each other, touch, and kiss.” Afterwards, intimacy will come very naturally.

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4. Channel your inner sexy, confident vixen.
You are incredibly sexy. You may not see it or feel it sometimes, but your guy sees it, he knows it – and that’s why he’s with you! Don’t let self-concious feelings impede your ability to connect physically with your partner. Instead, channel the sultry goddess in you. “Make it a point to find things you love about your body,” says Morgan. “And remember, lingerie isn’t just for your man–it can help you feel great about yourself, too. Choose negligee that complements your best parts. It will give your confidence a boost and allow you to focus on celebrating your sexuality and beauty. With or without lingerie, be present in the arousal and affection your partner is showing. Trust me, he isn’t noticing those extra 10 pounds!”

5. Make friskiness the cure for any bad day.
We all have bad, sometimes terrible days that make us want to crawl into bed and shut out the rest of the world. But, your guy is supposed to be the “partner” that sees you through these moments, so make him part of your solution to get happy again. “Do something that makes yourself feel good or sexy, and create a good end to your day with your partner,” suggests Morgan. “Exchange massages, take a shower together, or transform dinner into an impromptu living room picnic. Don’t forget, having sex releases endorphins that boost your mood, and regular sex is a proactive step to help improve and influence our ability to handle stressful situations.”

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