Putting On a Disguise: We All Do It!

Read the posts from our Betty Fan Bloggers on how they don't act themselves in certain social situations.

Putting On a Disguise: We All Do It!

Read the posts from our Betty Fan Bloggers on how they don’t act themselves in certain social situations.

-The Betty Editors

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The Betty Fan Bloggers have been busy writing posts for our Fan Blog program, where real Bettys write about life, love, fashion and anything else they’re passionate about.

After writing about if they ever tried a non-traditional relationship, dated a guy who liked to kiss and tell, or leaned on friends after a breakup,  the fan bloggers have tackled another juicy topic: Have they ever hid behind a disguise or acted like someone they’re not in social situations?

Here are some of the impressive posts we found:

Every Day Is Halloween?
-by Kelly Ayres on KblogsBetty

Kelly AyresWhen I started my new job, I got the nickname of the “quiet one.” Now if you told all my friends this, they would never, ever believe you. They would roll around laughing at the mere suggestion of me being remotely quiet. But at work, especially a new job, I am shy, reserved, and polite. Outside of work, I am…not.

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 If the Crown Fits…
-by Monika Basile on Confessions of a Bleeding Heart

Monika Basile When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to regale me with stories of how we were descended from royalty. She claimed if we lived in Italy, I would indeed be a princess living in castles with a variety of maids in waiting to do my every bidding. This is the person I always wanted to be, wished to be and imagined I should have been. I really should have been a princess in an exotic kingdom.

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The Everyday Halloween
-by Brittany Roshelle Davis on Chocolate-Covered Chick Thoughts

Brittany Roshelle DavisWhen I am at my in-law’s place, my personality instantly changes. All of sudden, I’m quiet and shy. I carefully pick out each and every outfit, trying to choose something flattering without being too flashy. I have my hair perfectly in place and my nails done. I have to feel good and look good. Partly due to the fact that I feel like I am on display…“Introducing The Most-Put-Together Wife!”

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Great job Betty Fan Bloggers! Keep up the great posts!

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