Q&A with India Hicks: Model, Designer, Author, Super Mom!

India Hicks is funny, talented, and down to earth. She chats with us about her life and her new line, the Love Letters Jewelry Collection.
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BC: Where did the name of the collection, Love Letters come from?

IH: I was hugely inspired by my father’s designs and in a way; this collection is my “Love Letter” to him.

India hicks intials

 Love Letters L in gold, Love Letters in O in silver.

BC: How versatile is your line of Love Letters?

IH: Very! I often fall in love with a piece of jewelry and wear it for months. I intentionally designed the collection so that it can be worn day into night, with jeans or on the red carpet.

BC: What are some of your biggest inspirations for these collections?

IH: All of the projects I have been involved with are linked to my heritage in England and to my island life. The homes we have built and designed, along with our two books, Island Life and Island Beauty, are very much centered on the small Out Island I live on in the Bahamas, and try to illustrate the beauty, fantasy and history of a West Indian lifestyle. My two collections for Crabtree & Evelyn, Island Living and Island Night, also draw upon island wisdom, using an abundance of natural ingredients and conjuring up the scent of the tropics, flowers, trees and fruit.

BC: As the daughter of interior decorator David Hicks, how has your father’s work influenced the setup of your home?

IH: I follow my father’s bold lead in choosing colors, and find myself designing “table-scapes” for almost every surface!

BC: How involved are you in the process of designing and creating these pieces?

IH: My fingerprints are all over the collections from beginning to end. I sketch out my ideas at the infancy stage of development and then a technical expert interprets them from a componentry point of view. Discussions and compromises follow between the team and me as I am always trying to add in lots more diamonds and they are trying to keep me realistic!

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BC: Who is your favorite designer?

IH: In jewelry, I like Nicole Schumann, who has designed pieces for my shop in the Bahamas, The Sugar Mill. They are low key and beach-y, but she also is on the lookout for vintage pieces that are one-of-a-kind. I often buy these from her before they even have a chance to reach my shop.

BC: What was the first piece of jewelry you’ve ever designed?

IH: It does not significantly stand out, but I have tinkered with beads and stones and chains and cords for years, especially since living in the Bahamas where every little organic find becomes something to hang around your neck. And now of course, I am rather talented with my 4-year-old daughter’s bead and glitter jewelry-making sets. Lots of glue and mess are involved. I am not sure how well these collections would sell.

What’s India’s most treasured piece of jewelry, raising a family in the Bahamas, Prince Charles and Princess Diana recollections and more up next!

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