Q&A with India Hicks: Model, Designer, Author, Super Mom!

India Hicks is funny, talented, and down to earth. She chats with us about her life and her new line, the Love Letters Jewelry Collection.
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India Hicks and her daughter wearing Love Letters intials

India Hicks and her daughter both wearing India Hicks Love Letters initial necklaces

BC: What is your most treasured piece of jewelry?

IH: David (interior designer turned hotelier David Flint Wood), my other half, recently had the face of a simple silver Rolex watch custom-colored in a deep coral orange. I wear it every day. Everybody asks about it.

I also love the thin leather pendant that my kids made. They chose certain charms to hang from it, one for each child. Bear in mind I have five kids!

BC: How did Prince Charles become your godfather?

IH: The Queen is my sister’s godmother and Prince Philip is my brother’s godfather. My parents probably thought they had better ask someone from that family to be mine!

BC: Are you still in contact with him?

IH: Yes, of course. He is a devoted godfather and even with the considerable work pressures and time constraints, he never forgets a birthday or Christmas. He once designed me a bracelet that was a silver ‘I’ interlocking with a gold ‘H’.

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BC: You also served as a bridesmaid for Princess Diana’s wedding. Was it difficult for you to create a name for yourself apart from your royal connections?

IH: I have spent 16 years living on a small dot of an island in the middle of nowhere. I was neither the daughter of, the goddaughter of, or the bridesmaid to. I was simply myself making my own life.

BC: What appealed to you about raising a family in the Bahamas?

IH: Aside from no smog and no parking tickets? Adventure, freedom, privacy, nature, learning to be tolerant of other cultures, becoming self-sufficient, understanding the force of nature as we suffer through hurricanes…

BC: It seems like you already live in paradise, but where would you go on you dream trip?

IH: When my children are a little older we plan to take them to Africa, to see the great game reserves and appreciate those incredible dying breeds that might well be extinct by the time my children’s children are born. I have been blessed in doing several safaris in my lifetime. You never forget the experience of coming face to face with a bull elephant.

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