Quickie With A Hottie: Brian Leddy

This city boy is running things!

Quickie With A Hottie: Brian Leddy

This city boy is running things!

-Libby Keatinge

Brian Leddy

Every week us Bettys are hard at work looking for new hotties for this feature. You’ve been sending in your hotties and we love all the sexy boyfriends, coworkers, and pals you’ve been sending our way. This week, we have a New York City boy who loves a woman in a snug t-shirt!

Where he’s from: Successchester, NY, now lives in Manhattan.

  • Occupation:  Co-founder of Citiology.com; Director of Operations, Social Media Week
  • Biggest turn-on: Confidence along with a vibrant smile
  • Biggest turn-off: Being talkative and wrong.
  • Dream Woman: Well, in addition to being friendly and nice :) Brunette, athletic, appreciative of sarcasm, must look good in a snug T, genuinely engaged in a career and/or cause, and most importantly is not a Red Sox fan.

Brian Leddy

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Libby Keatinge is senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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  1. girleegirl says:

    he is adorable!

  2. weetziebat says:

    He looks like Hugh Jackman in that 2nd pic!

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