Quickie With A Hottie: Victor Banker

This week's hottie, Victor Banker, a hot jewelry designer, is a true gem!

Quickie With A Hottie: Victor Banker

This hot jewelry designer is a true gem!

-Libby Keatinge

Victor Banker

Every week us Bettys are hard at work looking for new hotties for this feature. You’ve been sending in your hotties and we love all the sexy boyfriends, coworkers, and pals you’ve been sending our way. This week’s hottie is a sexy jewelry designer for Rock Victorious!

  • Where he’s from: I’m from Hamilton, NJ a smallish suburban town right next door to the capitol Trenton, but, not to worry, nothing remotely close to Jersey Shore behavior takes place in this neck of Jersey woods. Haha. I now live in Manhattan thankfully.
  • Biggest turn-on: My biggest turn-on is a classy lady who really takes the gym and diet seriously, which leads to an amazing body. I love the work out chicks – what can I say, they’re major!!
  • Biggest turn-off: My biggest turn-off is bad breath, yucko!! Don’t be a close talker, don’t even attempt to try to kiss me!! Now, pair that up with hot pink colored clothing and that’s what you call a poltergeist in my book!!
  • Dream girl: Well there are 2, Angelina Jolie and Miss Martini who in fact looks just like Angelina Jolie.

Victor Banker

Like this feature? We’ll be featuring more Quickies with a Hottie! If you think you know a hottie that Betty would approve of, send in a photo and his deets to libby.keatinge@bettyconfidential.com.

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Libby Keatinge is senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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