Rachel Zoe Finally Admits Shes Pregnant

Rachel Zoe will now proudly show off her baby bump.

Rachel Zoe Finally Admits She’s Pregnant!

Rachel Zoe will now proudly show off her baby bump.

-PJ Gach

Rodger Berman and Rachel Zoe

Yesterday, Rachel Zoe tweeted to her followers (and the world) the following sentence,“Hey everyone! I want to officially confirm to my loyal friends and followers that I am pregnant!…”

Why all those previous denials? More than likely Zoe was afraid of miscarriage. Most women who do become pregnant prefer to make the announcement after the first trimester. Unfortunately, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong with the pregnancy before the end of the first trimester.

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Now the big question is, who will design Baby Zoe’s clothing? Will she be swaddled in Chanel, Ferragamo or McQueen? 

PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Rachel Zoe Finally Admits Shes Pregnant

  1. ChattyCathy says:

    I hope she chooses McQueen!

  2. NYCdogmommy says:

    Congrats to her and her hubby!

  3. aliciaely says:

    so now she’s eating for one?

  4. NYCdogmommy says:

    @alicialy – Nice on! I LMAO!

  5. cindychampion12 says:

    Congrats Rachel!

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