Real Friends vs. Fake Friends: 20 Ways to Tell the Difference

How do you tell a real friend from a fake friend? Let us count the ways!
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Zac Efron

6. If you’ve got a celeb crush, a real friend will help you meet him or her (even if it’s Zac Efron and he looks like this). A fake friend will make fun of you.

7. A real friend will be there for the important moments in your life. A fake friend will try to make those moments all about her.

8. A real friend will encourage you in your dreams, no matter how crazy they sound. A fake friend will tell you, “That sounds great! But ….” and subtly sow seeds of doubt.

9. When you’ve broken up with a guy, a real friend will volunteer immediately to come over with ice cream, Kleenex and booze. A fake friend will suggest you calm down.

10. A real friend will lend you her expensive bag when you’ve got a big event coming up unasked. A fake friend will tell you where you can buy one like it.

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5 thoughts on “Real Friends vs. Fake Friends: 20 Ways to Tell the Difference

  1. since lot fake friends are in facebook clique,,orgaznized all over…tried help selves look good make up lies took $ for setting up,etc……the fake friends spent years helping their friend who slept with their husbands when i never slept with them…..the fake friends who when one helped me greatly and i repaid ofered money,,they not took and complained…the fake friends who when had a car never took me for help when bleeding injured…..the fake friend who abusive mentally because i had 40 more $ when i ill with cancer, accidents……yet charmed others put on show… others help them, yet not helped back one died because they turned their back,,fake friend who i had tried to help but repaid by taking me low when injured put with bad people, drugged ,,manipilated child away and killed my father…..fake friend who let selves got with mutual enemy ones not told truth,,,..when they knew how good we were, how bad others were………fake friend who organized on net and facebook,,all over with enemies took money gifts to make up lies, set up,,on tape, killed some real good real friends…………influenced others,,,got support of political opponents,,networks,,,,where real ones???help for go about……was wonderful good got with,,,,

  2. im fucking tired of fake people plus friends fuck them all i aint give a shit just move on every buddy dont ever give a attention who ever u think is a fake shit,,,,, . thinks for all this about fake shit ……

  3. Here's one: We moved to the same city (3 years ago) around the time several other guys coincidentally did. We were put in touch with one another by a guy we all happened to know, who lives somewhere else. They knew a few other guys, so we've ended up with this group of about eight. We don't have as much in common with them as they do amongst themselves. It's like an artificial friendship. They may talk about things about which we can't really contribute. Unlike most of them, we don't go on cruises or make many trips…we don't eat out regularly…we have kind of a different lifestyle than they do. (Plus, we smoke, and are the only ones who do…kind of an elephant in the room.) We usually meet once a week at a bar, plus other occasional times, and now they're wanting to add monthly lunches. This stuff seems important to one in particular, who has said more than once how lucky we all are to have met each other through the guy. It's usually small talk. I doubt any of them could write a paragraph about me…I doubt they even know my prior occupations…or where I was born. I know much more about them. Sooo…I'm making excuses, white lies, so far, and have gotten out of two lunches and a dinner within three weeks…not necessarily cheap places at all. You can't just like somebody because they know someone you do…you can't "arrange" it. I don't get the point. Hopefully we will make some friends, on our own, with whom we have some stuff in common. Thanks for reading!

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