Real Friends vs. Fake Friends: 20 Ways to Tell the Difference

How do you tell a real friend from a fake friend? Let us count the ways!
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Trying on jeans

11. A real friend will sit in the dressing while you try on a thousand pairs of jeans and encourage you until you find the right pair. A fake friend will tell you to shop online.

12. A real friend will not only sit with you through the thousandth time you’ve watched Dirty Dancing, she’ll say the lines along with you. A fake friend will suggest a DIFFERENT MOVIE!

13. If you’re going on a blind date and you’re nervous, a real friend will be at the bar ahead of time to make sure you’re okay. A fake friend will tell you to call and let her know how it went.

14. A real friend will totally not think it’s crazy that you want to drive by his house just to see if he’s home. A fake friend will call you a stalker.

15. A fake friend loves to hear all about your failures and disappointments. A real friend gives you a shoulder to cry on, but then reminds you about all the great things you’ve done — and will go on to do.

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4 thoughts on “Real Friends vs. Fake Friends: 20 Ways to Tell the Difference

  1. since lot fake friends are in facebook clique,,orgaznized all over…tried help selves look good make up lies took $ for setting up,etc……the fake friends spent years helping their friend who slept with their husbands when i never slept with them…..the fake friends who when one helped me greatly and i repaid ofered money,,they not took and complained…the fake friends who when had a car never took me for help when bleeding injured…..the fake friend who abusive mentally because i had 40 more $ when i ill with cancer, accidents……yet charmed others put on show… others help them, yet not helped back one died because they turned their back,,fake friend who i had tried to help but repaid by taking me low when injured put with bad people, drugged ,,manipilated child away and killed my father…..fake friend who let selves got with mutual enemy ones not told truth,,,..when they knew how good we were, how bad others were………fake friend who organized on net and facebook,,all over with enemies took money gifts to make up lies, set up,,on tape, killed some real good real friends…………influenced others,,,got support of political opponents,,networks,,,,where real ones???help for go about……was wonderful good got with,,,,

  2. im fucking tired of fake people plus friends fuck them all i aint give a shit just move on every buddy dont ever give a attention who ever u think is a fake shit,,,,, . thinks for all this about fake shit ……

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