Reality Show Brings Children into the Mix

"Bachelor" is setting absolute poor standards for single parents


Reality Show Brings Children into the Mix

 “Bachelor” is setting poor standards for single parents

-Jennifer Lubell

jason mesnick and his sonI think we all can agree that The Bachelor is a very silly show.

The premise is demeaning enough: Take 25 otherwise beautiful and successful women, and reduce them to a bunch of catty, sniveling wrecks as they compete for the attention of one guy. Since its debut in 2002, the show’s producer, ABC, has found numerous ways to humiliate these needy Stepford Wife hopefuls.

It’s especially cringe-inducing when a bachelorette is wined and dined on a romantic one-on-one date, only to find out that after several hours of sheer bliss, the Bachelor is denying her a rose, and she’s packing her bags to go home.

I wondered if ABC could stoop any lower this season, and low and behold they have, by bringing young children into the mix.

jason mesnick and the hogan familyIt’s bad enough that Jason Mesnick, this season’s bachelor, has a 3-year-old son Ty, who’s already appeared in numerous “tear-inducing” moments on camera. Things got downright irresponsible, however, when Bachelorette Stephanie, a widowed mom, got one of the coveted one-on-one dates with Jason, and he decided to “surprise” her by arranging for her daughter, Sophia, to meet them at the beach. “This is a dream come true,” a tearful Stephanie said, as she hugged her daughter in the foamy surf.

Well, Stephanie, your dream may end up a nightmare if Bachelor Jason doesn’t pick you in the end.

The show isn’t just offering false hope to a widow–it’s presenting a fantasy to a little girl (who couldn’t be more than 4 years old) that may have no basis in reality.

During the date, we watch as the happy threesome take a limo to Legoland. We watch as Sophia, in an adorable swimsuit, runs through water fountains and smiles at her mother getting cozy with Jason.

I am the wife of a divorced man with two sons. Josh, my husband, ended up waiting at least six months–a time when he knew he was in love with me and was confident in our future together–before he introduced me to his children.

In my view, that’s how it should be done in the real world, where young feelings are at stake. It’s too bad the “reality” world hasn’t caught on to this important fact yet.

Jennifer Lubell is a healthcare reporter in Washington, D.C., and mom to 2-year-old Alex.

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0 thoughts on “Reality Show Brings Children into the Mix

  1. I don’t know. I just don’t think it’s that bad and I think it’s up to every person / parent individually to determine when is the appropriate time to introduce their kids to other people. It’s also reality TV which is, as we know, not reality.

  2. What happened? Was Jason introduced as her new daddy? You are being very small minded on this one. Sophia got to go with her mom and her mother’s friend to a very fun place. She had a wonderful birthday. What is wrong with that? Would it be any different if it had been a female friend? There was not talk of the future with the child so I think it is a win win situation. And Stephanie knows that she may not be chosen. She has some wonderful memories though. I think that some who are writing in are jealous. One of my close friends has known Jason for years and he is a wonderful man. Why shouldn’t he include his child? I think choosing the word prostitution shows your mentality! The simple answer to Sophia’s question is quite simple. He is a friend of mine.

  3. I think it depends on how they are handling the situations- after all it is TV and we have no idea what is going on behind the scenes/etc…it would be sad for a child to get hurt and confused but my guess is we don’t see half of what is really going on. Let’s hope it is all good for the little ones involved….

  4. I have to agree…although I have watched this show in previous seasons and waited with baited breath for each and every episode…this season has stooped too low.
    No child, needs to watch his dad become a gigolo on national tv.
    it’s just plain wrong…no matter HOW you look at it!

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