Reasons to Play Betty Games: They're Good for You

Slogging away at the daily grind? Betty Game to the rescue!

Reasons to Play Betty Games: They’re Good for You

Slogging away at the daily grind? Betty Game to the rescue!

-Lucia Peters


It’s Monday. You’re at work, aren’t you? Or at class, if you’re lucky enough to still be in high school or college? Parked in front of your computer all day long? Staring at the endless rows and columns of an Excel spreadsheet? Slowly letting your brain drain out your ears?

But wait! We have a solution! Remember that neat-o new BettyConfidential feature we introduced you to last week? That’s right: Betty Games to the rescue! Give yourself a quick break with a puzzle game like Balloon or word game like Rabbit. They’re bite-sized, making them perfect for when you need a brief pick-me-up, and they’re a great mini-escape from the daily grind.

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Furthermore, studies are currently being conducted on the positive effects that Betty Games have on the average student and working professional. So far, results have suggested that Betty Games relieves pressure to the brain caused by excessive data entry. They keep your brain active, stopping it from turning into that gel-like substance that has a tendency to leak out from one’s ear cavities.

So why not give Betty Games a shot? Your brain will thank you for it!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor. She isn’t actually a scientist, so her studies on Betty Games should not be taken as proven scientific fact. However, they should be taken as humorous.

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