Remember When GQ Used to be Cool?

GQ's 25 "Most Whipped Men on the Planet" list is sexist drivel

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Remember When GQ Used to be Cool?

Their “Most Whipped Men on the Planet List” just lame, misogynist drivel

-Judy McGuire

Madonna and Guy RitchieOh, GQ. Remember when you used to be a cool? Okay, I don’t either, but this whole Maxim-ripoff thing you’ve got going on lately is really getting embarrassing. I mean, GQ’s 25 “Most Whipped Men on the Planet“?  Really? You’ve gone from articles on whether or not houndstooth plaid for Fall is a go, to misogynist drivel like this?

Naturally you start with Guy Ritchie because his wife out-earns him (and pretty much everyone else on the planet except Oprah). A better question would be – whom is Madonna supposed to marry? Bill Gates? He’s taken (and you also consider him whipped because he started giving away his money to charity once he got hitched). How does more money translate into less of a man? My boyfriend would be pretty chuffed if I were raking in gazillions.

Eminem is also someone you single out as emasculated by the lady in his life? Are you kidding? If anyone is getting abused in this relationship, it’s his ex-wife. You know, the one he wrote about torturing and then murdering.

Josh Kelly – I didn’t know who he was either, but, like Guy Ritchie, Marc Anthony and Keith Urban (both also listed), he had the temerity to marry someone more rich and famous than himself. In my mind that makes him more of a man because he’s secure enough not to get hung up on such lame parameters. Nobody bats an eye when a millionaire man marries his secretary or personal trainer; why is it different the other way around?

Obviously the lead time on this article was longer than Michael Phelps’s torso because you also list John Edwards as a giant pussy man. Perhaps this whole Rielle Hunter debacle has redeemed him off the list. Ahem.

Seal? Huh? Michael Douglas? WTH? Seal’s married to Heidi Klum and the troll-like Douglas landed the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones! How does marrying hotties translate into a negative? You guys are just jealous now.

So GQ, stick to what you do best – covering men’s fashion and accoutrements like cigars and cocktail shakers. Don’t try to be funny,and badass because you come off like someone’s hopelessly uncool uncle trying to be hep. And yes, I said “hep.” You know exactly what that means, grandpa.

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