Resurface Your Skin with Harvey's "Skindex" Of Miracle Ingredients!

Everything you need to know about the ingredients and products that WORK to rejuvenate your skin!
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Resurface Your Skin with Harvey’s “Skindex” Of Miracle Ingredients!

Everything you need to know about the ingredients and products that WORK to rejuvenate your skin!

-Harvey Helms

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I have a forthcoming juicy, tell-all book based on my life in the cosmetic industry. It’s a page turner that begins with me starting my beauty career as one of the first MALE beauty advisors behind a cosmetic counter in the late 70’s. In the South. Enough said. You’ll laugh and cry at the same time. I know I did. Anyway, I was reminiscing about my first day in the cosmetics department and one of my very first thoughts: “How will I learn all these products with ingredients I can barely pronounce?” Scary, but 30 years later I now consider myself the “Harvey Encyclopedia of Beauty.” Past and Present.

Harvey HelmsI literally know, have felt, or tried almost every product available today. I know which live up to their promises and which should be returned immediately. A lot of trial and error, skin rashes, and sensitive reactions later and I’m glad to share my experiences with you. Sometimes when I’m giving a client a makeover I see their eyes glaze over, looking at the million skincare choices in front of them!

A few of my columns over the next year will be concentrating on ingredients in products that work! I love beauty advisors. We really are a unique breed. The ones currently behind the counters are there to consult, but also to sell you products. No harm in that! As your Cyber Main Gay, I want to arm you with the right info because I may not be there by your side shopping the counters. I’m introducing you to “Harvey’s Skindex” so that when you’re shopping, you can make intelligent decisions about products that meet your needs and concerns to be fabulous!

So many women ask me, “Do these products really work?” The answer is yes. Well most do. No advertising or hype here though! Cosmetics have come a long way since Cleopatra discovered the first skin smoothing acids when bathing in sour milk! This first column will concentrate on ingredients that resurface your precious complexions. The translation is younger, smoother, blemish free, more radiant skin. (For the most dramatic resurfacing you will need to consult a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or Nurse Practitioner in a medically licensed spa. Even after any medical procedure, you need the right skincare to protect and increase your skin’s radiance. A face lift will not bring radiance back to your skin.)

There are several ground breaking ingredients that work. Today let’s begin with resurfacing to get you started! …

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