Road Test: Diamonds For Your Hair With Designline's Enchanted Collection

Treat your hair to a shiny treat with Designline's new Enchanted hair care collection!

Road Test: Diamonds For Your Hair With Designline’s Enchanted Collection

Treat your hair to a shiny treat with Designline’s new Enchanted hair care collection!

-Lucia Peters


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but believe you me, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen what they can do to your hair. How? With Designline’s brand new hair care collection, Enchanted. I know, I know—I was a skeptic too, at first. “Crushed canary diamonds? 24K gold flakes? Why on earth would I want to waste such lovely things on my hair?” I thought. But then I saw exactly what Enchanted can do, and, well… let’s just say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Enchanted ’s products, you see, boast a unique Jewel Renewal Complex that improves hair texture, intensifies shine, and protects your locks from the wear and tear of heat-based styling. Towards this end, each product features a different combination of pretty, shiny things.

The Enchanted Shampoo and Conditioner ($12.50 and $13.50, salons nationwide), for instance, are both infused with crushed canary diamonds and gold ash to deep-condition and repair damage. Now, normally ultra-conditioning products wreak havoc on my head, turning my locks into a heavy, greasy mess. But not so with Enchanted! The shampoo and condition combination left my hair super soft and shiny, but with none of the residual ickiness that sometimes plagues reparative products. As an added plus, they’re sulfate-free. Hoorah!

On days that I’m not planning on going overboard with the heat styling, I’ve been spritzing in Enchanted’s Shimmer Styler ($11.50, salons nationwide). Misted onto damp hair and combed through from roots to ends, the Shimmer Styler uses crushed rubies, black pearls, and more canary diamonds to protect and condition. The result? Shiny, polished elegance. Lovely.

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If, however, I’ve decided to take the time to beat my hair into submission via flatiron (if you have as much hair as I do, you probably understand this sentiment quite well), I’ve been breaking out the big guns by switching out the Shimmer Styler for Enchanted’s Heat Treat ($12, salons nationwide). 24K gold flakes add a boost to this heat-activated thermal spray, guarding my hair from heat damage as well as providing UV protection. My hair straightened beautifully with the help of the Heat Treat, leaving it silky smooth and tame. Heat-protected hair is happy hair!

Finally, in the event that I’m going somewhere really special, I’ve been finishing things off with the Enchanted Gold Dust Finisher ($14, salons nationwide). Not only does this pomade help hold everything in place, making sure that not a strand escapes, but even better, the 24K gold dust the product is infused with adds a little extra glimmer. All I need to do is work a dime-sized amount through my hair, and it gives my mane a subtle glow. Don’t worry, it doesn’t go so far as to reach chunky art class glitter territory; there’s just enough sparkle to brighten things up a bit.

Does it seem extravagant to be putting diamonds, rubies, pearls, and gold flakes in your hair? A little. But the end results are totally worth it. You can snag the whole Enchanted line at salons nationwide, so why not treat your locks to something special this holiday season? Your hair—and you!—definitely deserve a little pampering!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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