Road Test: Kenneth Cole Reaction Connected

The fragrance's got a sweet design, but can you bring it everywhere with you?

Road Test: Kenneth Cole Reaction Connected

The fragrance’s got a sweet design, but can you bring it everywhere with you?

-Kenneth Thapoung

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It’s hot outside. My pores have become mini-fire hydrants. You can tell by the amount of sweat that leaks through them. Oh, and I reek. Badly. How about a little deodorant, right? Tell that to cranky businesswoman I keep nudging with my elbow as I go from pit to pit.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Connected ($50,, is supposed to be perfect for the on-the-go guy who’s always “connected” with the world. And seeing how I’m the young adult with the BlackBerry in one hand, iPod in the other, and laptop strapped to my back as I cross an intersection without looking, I gave it a road test.

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The bottle’s bold metallic blue color and water canteen resemblance (don’t drink it!) definitely catches your eye. The scent makes me feel sly and cool. Comprised of Brazilian Manderin, pistachio tree resin, and Mohagany wood, your guy will smell like a hard day’s work of chopping timber in a fruit forest: both masculine and sweet. But the on-the-go capabilities, which are supposed to be travel convenient, can’t keep pace. It doesn’t add extra weight, but when your guy’s running here and there, he’ll have a nuisance clipped to his backpack. Run too fast and the bottle will smack you every other step, or the cap will go flying and he’ll be that guy obstructing commuter traffic. You know what I’m talking about.

Although the bottle’s design would be a good conversation starter, keep the cologne at home. Without the bottle’s visual appeal, it’s just another pricey fragrance. It’s not something he’ll want literally hanging on him as he travels from Starbucks to the office.

Kenneth Thapoung is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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