Road Test: Mizani Hair Care Line

Your scalp will be singing high notes with these nourishing products.

Road Test: Mizani Hair Care Line

Your scalp will be singing high notes with these nourishing products.

-Evette Brown

beyonce and mizani products

Remember Mrs. Frizzle’s hair from The Magic School Bus? Yep, I’ve had a similar curly mop since transitioning from relaxed tresses to a natural ‘fro in March. Seriously. It’s been unmanageable, tangled, and plain old unattractive. I would post pictures, but I’m not into scaring small children. I’ve been searching for products to keep this Brillo pad moisturized with little success. So, when I was given the chance to give a few of Mizani’s hair care products a whirl, I jumped at the chance.

Some of Beyoncé’s sexiest up-dos were created with Mizani’s products, so I was confident that this brand would turn my hair catastrophe into a happily ever after fairy tale. Finally, I had a trusted line of products to make this hair transition with me. I bid adieu to frizz and flakiness and jumped hair first this road test.

The Products

 mizani supreme oil

Living 5,280 feet above sea level, I need moisture after I wash and deep condition, so Mizani’s Supreme Oil Hair Treatment ($16.60,  was the first product I reached for. It is 99 percent naturally-derived with no silicones. All I heard in my head was cha-ching! I hit the jackpot. This oil is light and leaves behind a light sheen. What I like about it, besides the natural ingredients (sesame seed oil, jojoba seed oil) is that it doesn’t leave residue on the forehead or neck after it’s been rubbed in. It sticks to the scalp, giving it a rush of hydration. Plus, it lasts for about twelve hours. What’s better than that?

 mizani d'tangle moisturizing milk

I despise frizzies, better known as those annoying pieces of hair that never stay put. Mizani has a solution for that as well. Their D’tangle moisturizing leave-in milk ($12.99,,  does its job well. You can keep the frizzies down when wearing a ponytail or bun by simply spraying this on while your hair is wet and then pulling it into your desired style. Word to the wise, this is the equivalent of spritz. Two to three sprays will do the trick. Otherwise, there will be flakes in your scalp. Not cute.

mizani iron curl

Your hair needs the most protection when heat is being used, so cover that base with Mizani’s Iron Curl ($13,, a heat styling and curling cream. With coconut oil, mineral oil, and an amazingly weird minty–coconut smell, this will keep your curls bouncing while also protecting it from being too damaged by the curling iron’s heat.

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The Results

All of the products are growing on me. The one that I use most often is the Supreme Oil because it is a great moisturizer for the harsh winter temps. Plus, it’s great when my mother noticed how shiny my hair is and asked what product I was using to keep my Brillo pad in line. I can clear out the closet of the 2, okay 50 products lining the shelves.

As for D’Tangle and Iron Curl, I haven’t had as much use for them as Supreme Oil, but both are a hit among friends. I’m gifting this full set to a good friend of mine for Christmas because it’s just that incredible!

If you’re natural and love products with great ingredients that won’t dry out your hair, then check out this line of Mizani. The products are amazing. You’ll be as satisfied as I am.

Evette Brown is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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