Rock N' Roll In a Bottle: Meet Cherry Bomb Killer Perfumes!

Independent perfumers Maria McElroy and Alexis Karl teamed up to create sexy, Rock N' Roll inspired scents for the modern woman.
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Cherry Bomb perfume

Cherry Bomb’s Truth or Dare eau de parfum. Kickin’! Get it here!

BettyConfidential: When you sit down to design a fragrance, what or who inspires you?

MM: For me, the greatest inspiration was and still is Japan. I am very influenced by Japanese culture and the wonderful years I lived there. To truly honor this culture, I create perfumes. The scents embody the nature of this magnificent country. They are both modern and ancient, delicate and bold…a true dichotomy of olfactory exploration.

The location-oriented approach to perfumery is very appealing to me. I am traveler and will always find elements of other cultures that inspire my work. A fragrance I am presently working on is inspired by my Greek ancestry and travels to my family home in the Greek Isles.

BettyConfidential: You have two fragrance lines: Aroma M and Cherry Bomb—what are their personalities?

Alexis Karl: Cherry Bomb Killer Perfume‘s personality is very Rock N’Roll! It is a fun, reckless, rebellious line with scents you want to wear to a club or on a first date. It is very, very flirtatious!

BettyConfidential: You and Alexis Karl of Scent by Alexis co-founded House of Cherry Bomb. It’s an independent perfume house. How did the partnership come about?

AK: We met at Henri Bendel (a New York City department store), where we were both teetering on heels presenting our lines. We have a very similar aesthetic, and loved the look and smell of each other’s fragrances.

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BettyConfidential: What made you decide to create House of Cherry Bomb?

AK: We were sitting in Brooklyn Bridge Park one day, listening to the Runaways and talking about how there does not seem to be many niche fragrance lines devoted to the younger crowd. This includes the young at heart, like us! We were talking about wanting to make a fun line, one that is pretty Rock N’ Roll…one that is heavily influenced by music, by a Punk/Goth/Rock N’ Roll aesthetic.

We were blowing bubbles with Bubilicious gum, and one of us exclaimed, “That’s it! It’s got to be that color…it’s got to be killer!” The rest as we say is fragrant history!

BettyConfidential: Who, do you feel is the Cherry Bomb customer?

AK: The girl who wears leopard prints and fishnets …the girl who listens to old school punk while writing in her diary. The girl who is a “grrrrl.” Who is strong, sexy, fun and independent. We are all about girl power, and we think our Cherry Bomb girls are too! We ask our wearers to post pictures of themselves on our FB and Tumblr pages. They become our Cherry Bomb Pin Ups and it is so fantastic, because these Cherry Bomb girls rage in age from 10 to 80, and they are from all around the world.

BettyConfidential: How would you describe Cherry Bomb’s fragrances: Rebel Angel and Truth or Dare?

AK: Rebel Angel is sweet with an edge of sugary darkness. Rebel Angel is very sultry and daring. It is the perfume to wear just before you jump on stage and start wailing on your cherry red electric guitar!

Truth or Dare is vanilla shy sweetness. It is softer and more delicate. It is the perfect scent for flirting, and the perfect scent for feeling beautiful.

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