Rock N' Roll In a Bottle: Meet Cherry Bomb Killer Perfumes!

Independent perfumers Maria McElroy and Alexis Karl teamed up to create sexy, Rock N' Roll inspired scents for the modern woman.
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Cherry Bomb locket

A sweet little locket, packed with fragrance and attached to a keychain? Love!

BettyConfidential: What advice would you give to someone when they’re perfume shopping?

AK: Test perfumes on your skin! This is our rule. Everyone’s skin is so different, and it takes to fragrance differently. Celebrate your individuality by getting to know what smells fabulous on your skin, and not just smells great in the bottle. Also, be open. There are so many amazing new niche fragrances out there to try. If you are open to exploring, you may find many fragrant treasures.

BettyConfidential: Is it a good idea or a bad idea to give fragrance as a gift?

AK: We think it is a fabulous idea! It is personal, and thoughtful. They key is to think of the person’s style and personality, and when trying the new fragrance, see if it seems like a match. We love giving and receiving perfume.

BettyConfidential: What tips can you give our readers on how to wear fragrance?

AK: The amount of fragrance you wear depends on how strong the perfume is. We have all had that “Oh my god, I’m stuck in an elevator with this person that is absolutely drenched in scent,”moment.

Fragrance should lilt on the skin delicately. As if it is a suggestion of fragrance rather than an onslaught. The most marvelous thing is when you step very near, or hug someone, and that is when you smell their perfume. It is altogether more intimate that way. That being said, a dab or spray on the base of the throat, both wrists and the belly. It is always best to perfume yourself first before you get dressed.

BettyConfidential: Were you ever given a piece of advice that you ignored, but later wished you had taken? If so, what was it?

MM: Hummm can’t really think of anything.

BettyConfidenitial: If someone was thinking about becoming a perfumer, what one piece of advice would you give them?

AK: Explore. Get many fragrance notes and start to learn them. Blend them as you would paint. Rose and honeysuckle are lovely, but what happens if you blend them with amber or chocolate? It is all about experimentation and getting to know your notes. And in true Cherry Bomb girl fashion…have fun! Creating perfume is so thrilling and so fun.

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PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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