Rose Wines

Rose wines are the perfect summer sipping wine.

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Rose Wines

The perfect summer sipping wine

-Bob Cappuccino

rose winePINK is the new BLACK! Or, at least that what a few fashionista friends have told me!

However, pink wines a.k.a. blush, rose and white Zin, (white merlot, Pinot Noir Blanc etc) have been very ‘IN” with the most sophisticated wine drinkers for a long time! In fact, dry rose wines are enjoyed in all of the wine producing countries around the Mediterranean.

Light, crisp and nuanced with flavors of red fruits and flowers these are delightful partners for the types of foods we all enjoy al fresco throughout the spring and summer months. They are also ideal poolside or as aperitifs.

Usually they are made by allowing the skins of the grapes to stay in contact with fermenting juice for a few hours. The longer the contact, the darker the color and deeper the flavors. White Zin actually began life as a sort of by-product. Vintners wanting to deepen the character of their Red Zins ‘bled off” a percent of the pinkish, partially fermented juice. Et voila! A pale onion-skin pink wine with low alcohol and slightly sweet finish.

There are many pink wines on the market, and they can run from quite cheap to really expensive. Here are a few I know you will enjoy. Oh, and a little rule of thumb: The paler the wine the sooner it should be drunk after its vintage date. And one more thing: Real men drink pink! So get YOUR guy up to fashion. Salute!

Roederrer Estate Sparkling Rose (California) One of the most reliable producers for California bubbles presents this delightful offering at a very budget friendly price. (French Rose Champagnes are most often the most expensive) it features an attractive pale hue with brimming effervescence and bright, crisp fruity but dry flavors $29.99

Cantalupo Nebbiolo “IL Mimmo” Rose 2008 (Italy) One of my most favorite roses, I am now buying a few cases to last through the fall. This is the fifth consecutive year I’ve made this my preferred summer quaff. Ripe flavors of cherries and roses. Medium bodied and nicely balanced make it a stylish choice for grilled fish and lemon/herbed grilled chicken.$14.99

Famega Rose Vinho Verde 2008 (Portugal) You read me right! This is a rose ‘green wine” from the north of Portugal. Like its brisk ‘branco’ brother it is crisp and slightly effervescent but with a nice nuance of roses and berries. This is a great afternoon thirst quencher but keep your glass full when the shellfish hits the table! $6.99

Beringer White Zinfandel(California) If you are intrepid enough to try pink wines I’m willing to give this white zin a shout-out! A reliable rendition with quite a sweet finish. A great choice for wine newbies. Slurpable when served cold just add a slice of watermelon, a few cherries or red grapes and a small wedge of lime and you have a perfectly enjoyable pink sangia! $8.99

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  1. love this article! great recommendations at some pretty affordable price points. I always get lost on what wines to buy, so I totally appreicate the suggestions and love that these are PINK!

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