Round One: Bethenny vs….Omarosa!

Maybe it's time for a reality-show championship fight!
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Round One: Bethenny vs….Omarosa!

Maybe it’s time for a reality-show championship fight!

-Mean Betty

Omarosa vs Bethenny

Good morning, my little poppets. What a weekend it’s been! Little Amanda Bynes announced that she’s retiring from acting at age 24—and who can blame her, given the impossibility of topping such cinematic classics as What a Girl Wants? And we were most relieved to learn that Kristin Cavallari is taking time out from her busy schedule to work on her tan. Go ahead, Kristin—treat yourself!

But the most wonderful story of all, kittens, is about Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel battling…Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth!  Yes, the diva-est contestant ever to appear on Celebrity Apprentice (and that, my dears, is saying something) is not happy with the star of the upcoming Bethenny Getting Married? Darling Bethenny got in the first punch with her appearance on The View, telling that nice Sherri Shepherd that she doesn’t want to be compared to Omarosa. “She used to be infamous,” Bethenny huffed. “I have a career, A Brand.” That Brand is Skinny Girl books and margaritas, my sweets, and in the “entertainment” industry, having A Brand appears to be more important than having a loving husband, an advanced degree or a child with an IQ of 170.

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Omarosa responded with a left hook of her own, telling In Touch weekly, “”When she got a tummy tuck with her C-section and pretended she lost the baby weight naturally, none of us said anything, but now she’s hurling insults. What pregnant woman do you know loses 40 pounds in two weeks?” Ouch! Good one, Omarosa!

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0 thoughts on “Round One: Bethenny vs….Omarosa!

  1. Bethenny has been saying recently that the reality shows are her “livelihood.” Gee, I thought being a private chef was! I’ve lost a lot of respect for her.

  2. Why would you need to put down another woman to feel more successful yourself? There’s an ass for every seat, as the saying goes. plenty of “fame” to go around!

  3. the difference in these women is that omarosa is manipulative and a liar. Bethanny is up front and honest.
    Bethany’s honesty is refreshing. Some people (like omarosa) are living in a fantasy world.
    highlight to

  4. I happen to like Bethanny unlike Omarosa she (Omerosa) she is just mean always playing for the camera.The only thing I have compassion for with Omarosa is her name what kind of name is that. Go Bethhany love to watch your show

  5. Omarosa may be a troll, but Bethanny is absolutely an opportunist, is media-hungry and manipulative also( not necessarily in a mean way). She has overexaggerated things on the show so she can have her witty one liners (ex. the whole LuAnn not paying thing from a season ago) and she can be abrasive and rude.

    I don’t think she always tells the truth ( boob lift- no honey, boob job)but I guess as a natural foods chef she would look like a hypocrite by having artificial parts inserted into her body. Way to go with that honesty. Nonetheless, this war of words between Omarosa and Bethanny is publicity for both which I am sure they are SUPER EXCITED about.

  6. Omarosa has something wrong with her, if you need proof watch the Wendy Williams interview with her on Youtube. I swear if Wendy injured her during the interview you couldn’t find 12 jurors who would convict Wendy if they saw her do it with their own eyes. Omarwhorsa is a big mouth liar, who is very jealous of any other woman’s success. She’s dying to get her own show, but let’s face it nobody would want to see that tranny more than once a year if that.

    She shouldn’t have divorced her hubby because there aren’t going to be many men who will be in the dark with her unarmed.

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