Russell Brand/Katy Perry Confidential

A comprehensive exploration of the megastars' love.
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Russell Brand/Katy Perry Confidential

A comprehensive exploration of the megastars’ love.

-Jess Zaino

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Not since the likes of Wilt Chamberlain has the world seen such a modern day lothario for our millennium. That is, until Russell Brand made it big. And with his fame came the war stories of his many addictions to drugs, drink and the dames—lots of ‘dames. His list of bedded ladies, including top model Kate Moss and Playmate Holly Madison reads like a high school boy’s Christmas list.

Like his Get Him to the Greek film character, Aldous Snow, Brand lost himself in f*ck. And then, like a penis rising from the ashes of conquered booty came Perry. Katy Perry.

After a brief meeting at the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards, Katy snapped a shot of her fun bags on a cell phone and Brand responded with a poem. It was love. Trips to India brought rumors of an engagement and the stories of his rehabilitation and commitment to the girl who kisses girls proved true. And according to Perry’s frenzied Tweets, the vote was in, Brand liked it.

But one has to wonder how long this love game will last.

Read Russell Brand Hired a Team to Find Him Sex

If all is fair in the game of love and war, all bets are in as to whether these ex-sex fiends can outrun the he rules/she rules of a Hollywood relationship.

Here’s the love lowdown. If you add up the quality of exes, box office/album dollars and additional jobs booked, an obvious “winner” comes out on top, leaving the other to come up in the rear. And when one half of a Hollywood partnership has to submit to defeat, well then, the relationship is soon to follow down the poop shoot.

Let’s examine.

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0 thoughts on “Russell Brand/Katy Perry Confidential

  1. He’s way, way better here in the UK career-wise: a megastar. Despite a big scandal (he called an elderly national treasure live on the radio to leave a message saying he’d fucked his granddaughter) he’s generally better-liked, too. Perry’s a clear homophobe and generally the Brits dislike that sort of thing.

  2. Does everyone here have such a negative attitude??? Do all of your lives suck so badly…you live to trash the ideal of “happily ever after”. Fashionista has the right idea….maybe perfect for each other. The rest of you unhappily married, desperate to commit to the wrong man, determined to be unhappy….and take it out on everybody else………..go and take a bath with a hair being nice….goF88K yourselves!! Harridans like you are the ones that are destroying “happily ever after”. WTF everyone has heard of it, “Happily Ever After”, where did it go??? Was it ever real in the first place?? of course it was…unhappy c888s like you are trying to kill the entire idea. You bitches are unhappy, with more than you ever needed, more than you ever expected, more than any of you have ever deserved. And you are still unhappy??? WHY??? You married for money, scumbags. Love??? How does that pay for the Mercedes you drive, right?? True Love Rules…you gave it away for materialism………..shut up and go away….you lost faith…so you lost your opinion. Go away and poison your own kids that there is no such thing as True Love. The rest of us beleive it could happen…whether it’s the mechanic from down the street, or the donut girl from yesterday. All of you make me sick…wishing bad things to happen for two people yoiu’ve never met. My life sucks…so I want everybody else’s life to suck, too. No hope for them…it’s Ha Ha, I can’t wait for them to be as unhappy as I already am. People like you should all get together…and make each other miserable…and leave the rest of us to HOPE and TRY and NEVER GIVE UP. It’s so obvious none of you have any hope for the future. Escape to survive..everyone who agrees with me would help you to become yourself….that Mercedes, that summer house..give that up for someone you truly care for. LOVE the great divider….it seperates the honest from the greedy.

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