Ryan Reynolds Can Freak You Out!

Buried is, um, not good for claustrophobes.

Ryan Reynolds Can Freak You Out!

Buried is, um, not good for claustrophobes.

-Jane Farrell

Ryan Reynolds

Does the idea of Ryan Reynolds being trapped in a box make your heart beat faster (and not in a good way)? Then think twice about going to see Buried, the tale of a truck driver who’s trapped six feet underground with a cell phone that’s rapidly losing power.

A reaction like that (very reasonable, we think) indicates that you might have claustrophobia, a fear of closed-in spaces. Experts define phobias as an unrealistic fear caused by a specific object or situation. Even though you recognize that nothing is going to happen to you (i.e. it’s only a movie), you still have that gut-wrenching reaction.

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According to the federal National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 19 million Americans experience phobias. They’re often treated with therapy and medication. But if you’d rather not pop a Valium before going to the multiplex or inserting a Netflix DVD, here, according to MSNBC, are some movies and the phobias they trigger.

Paranormal Activity – the story of a young couple who try to document the unknown horror lurking in their home. Really bad for phasmophobes (people who fear ghosts) and nyctophobes (people who fear the dark or night).

Snakes on a Plane – Do you suffer from ophihdiophobia (fear of snakes) or aviophobia (fear of flying)? Then don’t rent Snakes on a Plane. Even the name can freak you out, so just forget you read this, OK?

Devil – Those who fear demons (demonophobics) and/or elevators (ansenserophobics), plus the always-dependendable claustrophobics, will not want to see this movie about being trapped in an elevator with Satan. Yes, it’s an unlikely situation. Yes, it will scare the hell out of you.

We’re not sure whether the medical community has discovered many entertainment-related phobias, so let us suggest a few we’re aware of: Jenophobia (fear of having to watch another romantic comedy starring Ms. Aniston), tackophobia (fear of watching cheesy reality shows) and biebophobia (fear of hearing one more nugget of information about Justin Bieber.) (MSNBC)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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