Sandra Bullock's Most Charitable Acts

America's sweetheart sets an example for us all-and what have you done lately?
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Sandra Bullock’s Most Charitable Acts

America’s sweetheart sets an example for us all.  So… what have you done lately?

-Sarah Polonsky

Sandra Bullock

Who knew that worldwide adoration for one darling Sandra Bullock could spawn from the utter humiliation caused by one imbecile, Jesse James? Getting cheated on is definitely no fun, but if anyone ever cheats on me I hope to have just won an Oscar.

That said, by now it has become blatantly obvious that it wasn’t just the Academy Award that made millions side with Sandy and simultaneously wish a painful demise upon Jesse. Sandra has the indescribable je ne sais quoi that so few actresses ever truly possess (although most think they do). It is that something which caused everyone to fall in love with her.

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The star’s poise, her voracious laugh and boundless charisma are constantly bouncing off each other in perfect motion, making it impossible to take your eyes off Sandra. In addition to a charm that just won’t quit, she has proved over the years that she cares about others far more than herself.

And to prove it, here are some of Sandy’s most charitable acts…

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  1. Is page 6 really necessary? REALLY?!?! Come on! The more Jesse gets slammed, it makes her look stupid. So tell me… has anyone ANYONE ever fallen for the wrong person, or is Sandy the only one? Hey a lot of good girls love them so bad boys! = )

    My prediction – he is moving to Austin (where she still has a home). She still loves him. He still loves her. Dust will settle. They will keep it on the down low, but they will get back together. And guess what? If that makes both of them happy.. who among us is qualified to judge? Seriously. (NOT saying what he did was okay!) She saw the man. Sadly, HollyWeird sees only the tattoos. Hey.. methinks Sandy may have a bit of a wild child inside. She is awesome and whatever happens… she will survive. But being happy would be nice too.

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