Secrets of the Super-Fit

How to take your routine to the next level.
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Secrets of the Super-Fit

How to take your routine to the next level.

-Kristin Anderson

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There are people who are fit, and then there are people who are super-fit. You may or may not notice a fit person when you’re out and about, but you always notice a super-fit person. They don’t usually have bulging ripped muscles; instead, they’re always super toned. They walk like they could leap a building in heels if need be without a hassle. Their clothes hang on them just so. Why? Because super-fit people work out in a very specific way. Here’s how to get into this elite group:

Commit: Don’t let anything get between you and your workouts. Being super-fit (or super anything, for that matter) means making your goal a priority 5-6 days a week. And while you’re working out, don’t let any other thoughts intrude. Focus on your goals. Three of those workouts need to be 90 minutes each. They can be a yoga or Pilates class; 45 minutes of strength training followed by 45 minutes of cardio; or a half hour of weight training followed by an hour of cardio. Or take an hour class followed by 30 minutes of cardio.

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Seek out the next level: Super-fit people are always shooting for the next level. They set goals, hirer trainers, seek out advice online, and generally invest a little time in keeping themselves going. This has a big payoff: You will get to the next level and you will look and feel great because of it.

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  1. John V. Karavitis Hello everyone. I felt compelled to make a comment on this article’s subject matter because I too struggled with losing weight for many years. My family physician told me that he was more concerned about my general health than my weight. This struck me as odd at best and defeatist at worst. And I had exercised, run, lifted weights, etc., for years, with no results. Finally, fed up with my situation, I tried to approach it analytically (typical male, yes, I know): I started counting calories. And you know what? IT WORKED. I lost 70 pounds in 9 months. And I calculated that all my walking and jogging didn’t contribute to, at most, 10% of that loss. Don’t get me wrong, exercise is very important, jogging or walking is probably the easiest and cheapest form of exercise. But you lose weight by eating less. We tend to not watch what we eat, to eat when stressed, to eat a lot with other people, and to think that just because we jogged a couple of mile,s we get to eat a little bit more at dinner. Nope. You want to lose weight? Count calories and eat less. That’s the only thing that worked for me. Good luck!!! John V. Karavitis

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