See Who's in a Bar Before You Go!

Need to know a bar's social atmosphere immediately? SceneTap's the app for that.

See Who’s in a Bar before You Go!

Need to know a bar’s social atmosphere immediately? SceneTap’s the app for that.

-Kenneth Thapoung

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For all you Chicago folks out there, this Friday, a free app called SceneTap will make your bar hopping nightlife all the more successful! The app knows how crowded a bar is, whether it’s a guy hot spot or an oldies lounge, and if it’s any fun. It’s that smart.

SceneTap doesn’t require check-ins like it’s predecessor Foursquare. But, you can connect with friends via Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook. The new app uses “facial detection” and “people counting” technologies from cameras in participating bars to collect and provide demographic data in real-time. Sounds a bit invasive and creepy, but you can drink and flirt easy because the video feed isn’t recorded, and neither the bar owner nor user have access to it.

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Don’t fret if you’re not in Chicago or stuck with a BlackBerry like me. The service will be available on the Web, and considering more than 200 bars in cities across the country have already signed up, SceneTap will roll out to other cities very soon.

Seriously, is there anything the iPhone/Android/Web can’t do? Anything?

Kenneth Thapoung is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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