See Yourself Thin … Literally

Online tool provides some pretty cool motivation

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See Yourself Thin … Literally

Online tool provides some pretty cool motivation

-Julie Ryan Evans

Looking in the mirror these days, it’s hard to see how I’m ever going to get back to my pre-baby weight. But it’s a goal I have my sights set on, and my sights just got much clearer with this picture.

No, I’m not some Photoshop wizard, and I’ve never actually used an airbrush. I got it through a cool online service –, which provides these free, realistic and motivating pictures for those with a weight loss goal. You just upload a full body image of yourself, let them know how much weight you’d like to lose, and then viola-they send back a vision of the new, slimmer, healthier you. Even my husband who is somewhat of a Photoshop wizard was pretty impressed with the quality and realistic conversion.

Post the photos on your mirror, next to your workout bag or on your refrigerator (not on your online dating profile until you actually reach your goal!) – wherever they will motivate you the most. How could you eat that second (or tenth) cookie when you’re staring at yourself looking so good … and not so good?

For me, it’s much more motivating to see myself as I want to look rather than looking at some skinny model bodies that (on some level-no matter how buried) I know I’ll never attain … unless someone 7-inch leg extensions.

Additionally, the site allows you to track your weight loss progress and connect with others who are on the weight loss wagon as well. They also recently released a new Facebook application. And did I mention it’s completely free?

While it’s great time to get your photo now in preparation for all the January resolutions you know you will make, I’ll warn you that that great photo does provide some significant temptation if you’re sending out holiday greeting cards with photos …

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