Multi Dating

this is an ARG moment about seeing other people



Seeing Other People

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I have hit a rough patch in my relationship and I discovered that my boyfriend has another girl’s phone number in his cell. I know that they talk to one another, and I even caught them kissing. Should I assume that he is cheating and that he wants out of the relationship? He keeps saying that we will work things out.

Steven: Interesting that you ask whether he is definitely cheating, if he is kissing someone else I think you already know the answer. Also the mere fact that he is still talking to her after this entire situation has been exposed, so to speak, is not a good sign. Why are you putting up with this? It sounds like it is time to make sure the door doesn’t hit him on the way out. Find someone who is worthy of you.

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  1. This is a tricky one, as I know that I keep in touch with old boyfriends, not because I want to be romantically involved with them, but because I value their friendship. Regardless, I’d be careful.

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