Seriously Sexy Mineral Makeup: Introducing UltraPure Cosmetics!

With UltraPure Cosmetics, you never have to worry that you might be putting poison on your face-and did we mention how sexy its eye shadows, lippies, and more are?
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UltraPure Cosmetics

Tracy Marshall, the genius behind UltraPure Cosmetis, sat down to chat with us about the benefits of using mineral makeup, her best makeup tips and tricks, and more. Read on for all the deets!

BettyConfidential: How did UltraPure Cosmetics come about? Can you tell us a little about the history of the company?

Tracy Marshall: I started UltraPure in 2005. During the 23 years working in various positions in both the cosmetic industry and the natural products industry, I realized that what was offered in terms of “natural” wasn’t really natural at all—and it didn’t perform well, either. I set out to bring to the market a functional cosmetic line that has excellent performance, but which also is safe for you and your health.

BC: Can you tell us a little about UltraPure’s philosophy? Why mineral makeup? What are the advantages of using it instead of the usual makeup counter products?

TM: Our philosophy is simple: To create amazing, upscale, and eco-luxe products that are truly functional and effective. Why mineral makeup? All sorts of reasons: It’s been proven to look naturally amazing; it has protective qualities like anti-inflammation and sun protection; it’s great for all skin types; it has fast application and long wear; it doesn’t clog pores… the list goes on!

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BC: What was the first UltraPure product to be created?

TM: Our first product was our Flawless Finish Foundation. It’s gluten and soy free, which is another great benefit, given that one out of 100 people has a sensitivity to either one or both.

BC: What’s your daytime skincare routine like? What about your nighttime one?

TM: I use everything! For daytime, I cleanse with one of our three cleansers—the one I use depends on how my skin feels that day. I tone with the Hydra-Peptide Infusion Spray; then I treat my skin with our newest product, the Line Erase Serum. After that, I hydrate with the Hydra-Lip RX—serious hydration for thirsty skin! And finally, I apply makeup.

At night, cleanse and tone again before layering the Line Erase Serum with the ReversAge RX total rejuventation treatment. Sometimes I use the ReversAge RX in the morning, too, when I want my skin to look really amazing.

BC: What are your makeup essentials—the products you always have on hand, whether they’re stashed in your purse or sitting on your vanity?

TM: Good question! I would say I can’t be long without our Maximum Moisture Lip Treatment before bed. I also always carry a few Lip Gloss colors in my purse. I don’t tend to put a ton of makeup in my purse simply because it stays on so well—I don’t need to touch up much, usually just lipstick or gloss. There are definitely loads of items I never like to be without on a trip, though—I pack them all!

Up next: Tracy’s picks for celeb makeup masters, her sneaky beauty tips and tricks, and more!

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