Seven Back-to-School Films

From 'Mean Girls' to 'Grease', these winners will get you in the mood to study (or steal someone's boyfriend).
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School of Rock

School of Rock

Whoever thought of casting Jack Black in the role of a wannabe rock star who masquerades as a substitute teacher at a hoity-toity prep school should get some sort of medal. “8:15 to 10, rock history. 10 to 11, rock appreciation in theory. And then band practice till the end of the day.” Wouldn’t you love to have JB for a teacher?

Tell us: How are you handling the back-to-school rush?

Carolyn French is an assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Seven Back-to-School Films

  1. Fashionista says:

    Ugh, The Breakfast Club… classic!

  2. ChattyCathy says:

    LOVE Mean Girls!

  3. sugarpie says:

    I hate Mean Girls. I’ve known too many!!

  4. violetgal says:

    Grease all the way!

  5. IHeartMyKids says:

    Love Never Been Kissed!

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