Sex Terms You Should Know: In the Bedroom!

Is your boyfriend a 'Moses'? Have you tried 'Australian Sex'? Here are 10 phrases every gal should understand.
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A man kissing a woman's back

5. Wank Tank: the marital or lovers’ bed. Try using that one next time you are getting the urge – “Sweetie, let’s go have a romp in the wank tank!”

6. Pink Glove: if the female isn’t reasonably moist downstairs, the guy’s member may become stuck for a moment or two.

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7. Australian Sex: one partner starts at the mouth and neck of their partner, and works his/her way down along the spine to the ‘Australian’ part (southern region) for anal intercourse or anilingus.

8. Snowballing: when a woman performs oral sex on a man, he ejaculates, and she transfers the sperm into his mouth via kissing. No comment.

9. The Corkscrew: the act of crossing your middle finger over your index, and twisting your wrist back and forth inside of your partner. In other words, an advanced form of fingering!

10. Hot Karl: another oral sex term, meaning when a woman goes down on her beau following intercourse.

Tell us: What is the wackiest sex term you have ever come across?

Carolyn French is an assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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