Sex Terms You Should Know: 'Jersey Shore'

Your guide to "smushing," and more Jersey Shore sex terms to know.
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Sex Terms You Should Know: Jersey Shore

Your guide to “smushing” at the Shore.

-Brooke Sager

Jersey Shore

The cast of the Jersey Shore speaks their own language. For The Situation, Snooki and their roommates, “creepin” and “smushing” is just as standard as drinking and tanning. In case their lingo leaves you scratching your head, we’ve defined the top five sex terms from the classiest bunch on TV. We’re definitely not suggesting you use them in real life. But at least you’ll be caught up on your Shore slang.

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1. Smush: The act of engaging in sexual intercourse. You can smush with your significant other (i.e., Ronnie and Sammi), your roommate (i.e., Snooki and Vinny), or someone you met at the club last night. In Season 2, there is actually a designated ‘smush room’ in the cast’s house. We would suggest wearing a facemask upon entering.

2. D.T.F.: Stands for “Down To F*ck.” When Pauly D says, “This girl is totally D.T.F,” he means that he’s certain she’d be easy to sleep with. However, if a cast member misjudges and brings a girl home who turns out to not be D.T.F., she will immediately be kicked out of the house, ridiculed and referred to as a “grenade.”

What does “Creepin'” mean? Read on…

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