Sexy Holiday Cocktail Recipes: What Does His Drink Tell You About Him?

Drinks you can whip up for any type of man, and what his sexy holiday cocktail says about him!
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The Social Butterfly

  • He is friendly, social, and outgoing: Clearly the life of the party

  • An attention grabber: This guy can tell a story, whether it’s about his neighbor across the street, or a tale from his adventures through Latin America

  • This year, he’s serving up the hottest cocktail trend, Punch!

Why is his punch special? He’s been using industry favorite, Nicaraguan Flor de Caña rum that he spiced himself. He’s taken the bottle of Flor de Cana, and added some black peppercorn, cloves, and cinnamon: all delicious seasonal flavors. To his custom-spiced rum, he’s added apples, apple juice, nutmeg, and cloves – to create the perfect seasonal Flor de Copia punch!

Flor de Cana

Flordecopia Punch


2 oz. Flor De Caña 7-year Grand Reserve

4 sugar cubes

3 oz. club soda

2 whole cloves

1 pinch of fresh grated nutmeg

1 oz. lemon juice

2 oz. Fuji apple juice

2 dashes of Peychaud bitters

Dissolve the sugar cubes in 1 oz. of club soda (this generally involves muddling to help process). Muddle the cloves with the sugar cubes. After the sugar cubes and cloves are muddled/dissolved, add the rest of the ingredients one at a time and stir as added. Add ice once all of the ingredients have been added and stirred. Stir the punch until it is chilled. Strain the punch into a glass or punch bowl, depending on the size of the portion, top with 2oz. club soda and garnish with apple slices and cinnamon sticks.

Camus cognac

The Classic Gentleman

  • He is old-fashioned, well-mannered, and always the first to be introduced to her parents

  • His hero: James Bond

  • This holiday season, he will be caught relaxing after dinner by the fireplace with a cigar and a glass of CAMUS Borderies XO Cognac. This single-vineyard estate blend is meant for the true connoisseur that only settles for the best. 

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Tell us: What drink would you make your guy?

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