Sexy New Trend: Temporary Tattoos for Your Vajayjay?

We ask real guys what they think!
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Sexy New Trend: Temporary Tattoos for Your Vajayjay?

We ask real guys what they think!

-Carrie Seim


Last week this blog was devoted to an intellectual debate on breast tattoos. This week we’re weighing the merits of temporary tats for your vajayjay. Stay classy, BettyConfidential!

Seriously, though, we have some breaking news from the “decorating your lady bits” department. The Completely Bare Spa in NYC (the same spa who came up with the infamous Vajazzle) has just introduced a new service called the Vatoo. (I would have gone with Vatoozela, in honor of the World Cup soccer horn, but that’s me.)

The Vatoo process involves a technician waxing you completely bare and then airbrushing a temporary tattoo – of your choosing – on your “area.” Remember when you were a kid and you’d go to a carnival and they had booths where you could get a purple unicorn and your name airbrushed on a t-shirt? This is basically the same thing – except on your vagina.

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The tat lasts about a week (withstanding showers and “friction,” according to the company) and costs $115, which includes the wax. But best of all, they offer a wide range of stencil shapes and sizes, as well as custom designs so you can choose whatever tat your vajayjay desires.

I’m still trying to decide which design I’d create. A homeless guy’s portrait? (Boring.) A big red stop sign? (Counterproductive.) “Do you like me? Check yes or no.” (Risky.) Baby-on-board caution sign? (Character test.) In case of emergency, break hymen. (My top choice.)

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14 thoughts on “Sexy New Trend: Temporary Tattoos for Your Vajayjay?

  1. NYCdogmommy says:

    actually, this sounds kinda cool!

  2. Fashionista says:

    Haha I think I would actually get the glow in the dark one… that’s awesome!

  3. Katie123 says:

    I worry about the spider tat…you know…cobwebs, dusty… a very sad place.

  4. uptowngirl says:

    It could be fun, but that seems like a lot of money.

  5. MaryMack says:

    Just get a flashing red light.

  6. killerqueen77 says:

    Ah yes, the Tramp Stamp at the Y… What will they think of next?

  7. lddcw says:

    Hellooo, this is a tat for your pubic hair area. It has nothing to do with the vagina (unless the tat specifically references it), which is surrounded by labia, and the whole outer area between the legs is called the vulva. Will you people stop referring to everything as a vajayjay?

  8. hickcrazy1 says:

    how about:
    Safe Sexers only: no rubber – no ride
    Sorry, no cut-ins. Thank you for waiting your turn.

  9. macmomof3 says:

    I thought it was the actual vagina but it seems to be just the pubic region. Thank goodness I was concerned if having someone temporary tattoo you there would be were sanitary if not all hygenic measures were taken. People have tattoos in that region all the time. You see them sticking out of bikinis.

  10. Ruthie B says:

    yep & you have to get a brazilian before you have one…yikes!

  11. jesyve9 says:

    Why do vajayjays need so much decorations? Hair dye not tats…what’s next? Extensions

  12. kliis says:

    Not a horrendous idea, but it’s not the trendiest/coolest one either. If I had friends who wanted to do it and asked me if I did too, I’d probably accept. It seems alright since its temp! I definitely wouldn’t if it was perm! For sure.

  13. oke says:

    thanks for the good article. Permission listen only

  14. selalukuat says:

    it is awesom article I never knew these sites existed! Awesome!

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