Sexy or Desperate? Jen Aniston and 9 Celebs In Super-Revealing Red Carpet Gowns

From plunging necklines to mini dresses that are just too mini, here are a few celebs who went the less is more route.
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5. Lea Michele

Lea Michele

Sexy or desperate? We all know that the gorgeous Lea Michele can belt a tune like no other, but this Glee star chose to show off more than just her voice at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Decked out in a low-cut Oscar de la Renta gown, the starlet kept just enough to the imagination and landed on numerous best dressed lists.

6. Alexa Vega


Sexy or desperate? Alexa, we get it –you’re all grown up (can you believe it?!) and smokin’ hot. You don’t need to put it all on display for the world to see at the Teen Choice Awards. Wear a cami under that Cameo mini dress, girl!

7. Selena Gomez


Sexy or desperate? Selena Gomez consistently looks flirty and fresh, and the Wizards of Waverly Place star continued to enchant with her sexy Dolce & Gabbana gown at the Billboard Music Awards. We can’t answer for the 19-year-old actress’ father, but we think this look is red hot.

8. January Jones


Sexy or desperate? Oh, January Jones, you will forever hold a place in our hearts for your portrayal of Betty Draper on Mad Men. Though she donned a flowy Versace gown at this year’s Golden Globes in one of the season’s hottest colors, we think even Christina Hendricks’ sultry Joan would be shocked at these scandalous cutouts.

9. Britney Spears


Sexy or desperate? Though the pop princess is hard at work staging her comeback, this dress should stay far, far away. This Dolce & Gabbana number, which Britney wore to the 2010 Grammy Awards, looks more like a fishnet than anything else. Quick, untangle her– it looks painful!

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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5 thoughts on “Sexy or Desperate? Jen Aniston and 9 Celebs In Super-Revealing Red Carpet Gowns

  1. I think Jennifer Aniston looks good. I agree with Lea Michelle’s and Selena Gomez’s although she is so young it is kind of hard seeing her look like that, also look good. The rest just are showing than needs to be tastefully shown. Heck the dresses have the spot for the boobs but they have them hanging so low it looks ridiculous. And Britney, well, that is just terrible any way you look at it.

  2. give me a break-they all look like crap. no one needs to see these people with all there stuff hanging out like that especially the old ones like jennifer anniston-she’s way desperate !!!

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