Sexy or Slutty: Celebs On The Red Carpet

Should some of these stars grab a bathrobe instead of the spotlight?
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Sexy or Slutty: Celebs On The Red Carpet

Should some of these stars grab a bathrobe instead of the spotlight?

-PJ Gach

Christina Hendricks

Much like office parties, red carpet events let celebrities shed their every day tees, yoga pants and scruffy sneakers for haute couture, makeup and updos. Unfortunately, there are some celebs—we’re talking to you Pam Anderson, Taylor Momsen and the cast of Jersey Shore—who look more like they’re ready to pole dance than glide into an auditorium.

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Read on and vote for who you think is sexy and who you think should never be allowed out of the house without a wardrobe check by someone other than a member of their family or their personal “stylist.”

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0 thoughts on “Sexy or Slutty: Celebs On The Red Carpet

  1. Christina looks GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS!!! Maggie’s dress was good as well. Now Emily Meade…good grief, that looks like a sack of potatoes (the dress, not her – too big for her small frame).
    Pam’s wasn’t THAT bad, if it weren’t so see-through.
    Eva, Eva…wow. That gal could wear a supermarket bag and still make it look hot. She knows what she’s got and she works it! I wish she could use more vibrant colours, tho. Emerald green looks amazing on her skin!
    Taylor – hot face, but hot mess. ‘Nuff said.
    America – Now that’s why men love curvy girls. She rocks them!
    That Shore gals – replace the S with a W, please. That’s how they look.

  2. why are some of the choices sexy and skanky instead of sexy and slutty? I know there is not much of a difference, but still….why the change up?

    and to think – some of these people actually pay people to dress them – and some of them are getting ripped off big time..

  3. I think a lot of these dresses just look silly, neither sexy, skanky or slutty. And it’s a real shame that a young girl like Taylor Momsen doesn’t have someone looking out for her instead of letting her make such bad choices.

  4. Christina was swallowed up by that dress. She has such amazing curves, and they’re hidden! Plus her skin looks so good in jewel tones, why put her in black??

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