Sexy Suzi: All the Basics for the Waxing Virgin

Thinking about taking the plunge into the wild world of waxing? Suzi has some sexy tips for you!
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Styles: Not sure what style to go for? You’re not alone! Many first-timers enter the wax studio unaware of the wide variety of designs that are offered for pubic hair. Styles depend on both your personal preference and your pain tolerance. Just keep in mind that every style has a unique name for how much or how little hair to leave on. Below are some of the options for the “new you:”

• A regular bikini wax removes the hair just outside the panty line. This style is recommended for the rookies or for a “quick trim.”

• A full bikini wax takes the side of the bikini line a little deeper. This style is for your itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bikini. The full bikini wax may also include removing some of the hair from the top, to make a more defined triangle.

• A French bikini wax (also known as the “Landing Strip”) takes all the hair off, except for a small strip down the center, and continues right up to the buttock area. This option is good for when you want most of the hair removed, but not everything.

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• A Brazilian wax removes all hair from the front to the buttock area and everything in between. In some cases a small strip will be left behind, but a Brazilian means no hair “back there.”

• The Hollywood or Playboy is the real deal: No hair left. This one isn’t recommended for your first time, but you can work your way up to it.

With this information, you can take charge and choose the service you want first. Don’t be afraid to tell your technician of your wax of choice or where you want them to stop. Don’t forget that you can also get creative: Why not adjust the style to make it your own? Maybe a heart for Valentine’s Day? The “bottom” line is, it’s up to you!

Remember that if you bundle your wax services together, it’s always less expensive. Bikini with legs, face with underarms, or all of it—the choice is yours!

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Good luck, girls!

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