Should a Little Girl Be Dressed Like Lady Gaga?

We're bringing back a controversial story to find out what you think of little "Gaga" now.
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Should a Little Girl Be Dressed Like Lady Gaga?

We’re bringing back a controversial story to find out what you think of little “Gaga” now.

-April Daniels Hussar

Lady Gaga

There’s an 8-year-old girl in Brazil who does a mean Lady Gaga impression. And it freaks me out. You’ll probably think I’m overreacting, but this video of Laura Montana, a young contestant on a popular TV show performing “Bad Romance” and “Paparazzi” made me cry:

I mean it – I actually had tears in my eyes watching. I turned it off halfway through. You’re overreacting, I told myself. But watching that little child’s half-naked body contort and gyrate and crawl on the floor, her sweet little face disguised as a grown up lady clown – it broke my heart. I admire her bravery and recognize her talent – what a voice! – but her precocious dancing, her outfit, the bizarre enthusiasm of the judges and the audience, her mother watching … it just perfectly encapsulates all my fears about raising a daughter in this world.

My own daughter Isabella will be 7 next month. So far, she’s been pretty sheltered from pop culture at large – we’re vigilant about what shows and videos she’s allowed to watch. I consider it a major accomplishment that she only vaguely knows who Hannah Montana is (because that means she doesn’t register any of Miley Cyrus’ antics, and I’d just as soon not have to explain what pole dancing is, thank you very much). I don’t want to completely isolate Isabella – hey, I was just a few years older than her when I knew all the words to Madonna’s True Blue (and look at me now!). I don’t want to keep her in a bubble – and even if I did, I know I couldn’t.

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But that being said, I’m cautious, and I’m so very anxious about what the next few years will bring, as my husband and I try to stand between her and a world that seems to want her to grow up so fast. Just the other day I was shopping at Target, and was suddenly struck by the difference between the clothes they have for girls under 6 and girls over 6. It’s astounding — how did my little daughter so quickly go from sweet ruffled dresses to sassy t-shirts and leopard-print leggings? The line between baby girl and mini-teenager seems so sharp and firmly drawn. But she’s still a baby, I think to myself, even as her long legs and her maturing face tell a different story.

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0 thoughts on “Should a Little Girl Be Dressed Like Lady Gaga?

  1. what is her parents thinking. Do they remember what happened toall those little kids who dress up older. This world is not safe to have your kids dress up like taht. Lady gaga shouldnt dress like taht. There is some major problems there. I would never let my kids dress like that. who gives a shit if its hallloween. I will never let my kids dress like that. I hope they wont. but when its adult age i know me and my husband dont have a word in it. But if they are parents than they better not dress like taht. 21 no kids yea whatever i guess. they will be adults but not at 8 years old. but if they have kids they better dress right because they are parents and who wants to dress like that taking your kids trick a treat. Someone should slap her parents for letting her go out like that. What is in their god damn minds. weird people these dsys.

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