Should I Call Him?

How to know when to text or dial that man!
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Should I Call Him?

How to know when to text or dial that man!

-Julia Austin


“Ding!” It’s your blackberry, and he just tweeted. “Ding Ding!” he just updated his Facebook status. With all the technology today, it’s harder NOT to get in contact with someone than it is TO. It’s particularly difficult to ignore the urge to text or call when you simply can’t ignore the constant reminders that this guy is alive, running around out there, “at Bloomingdales Sale!” or “waiting for the new season of Californication!” Whatever minute information he has decided to publish to the world via the web. Aren’t you just dying to say SOMEthing…

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When it comes to making that call or sending that text, there are a few no-brainers (that I am afraid for some people might be new information…).

Before The First Date

Do NOT call him if he didn’t give you his number. Yes, you can probably find it on Linkdin, Facebook, maybe by calling the receptionist at his work and pretending to be a client…but there are very few circumstances in which a guy won’t find this downright creepy. And even if he doesn’t find it creepy and you end up going out on a date, the power balance is WAY off from the beginning. He KNOWS you want him, and badly. Where’s the allure in that?

DO call him if he gave you his card, flirtatiously stole your phone at the bar and punched in his phone number, sent you a Facebook message that included his number and the words “call me sometime.” This is not the time to be coy. And while it could be incredibly flattering and romantic-comedy-like of him to play out the above-mentioned scenario of calling YOUR receptionist and checking your Linkdin to find you, he probably isn’t going to. Call him; the ball is in your court.

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